• Published 8th Aug 2013
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Royal Affection - NightShader

WARNING Anon in Equestria [HiE] You X Celestia. Everyday life in the Canterlot castle can be very boring. One faithful day you decide to change it all...Will it be for the better?

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Crazy Bird

Royal affection. Chapter 2

You awake on your bed after a good night of sleeping. After you and Celestia arrived back at the castle you both went your separate ways. Today was going to be good, no matter what Celestia had to do today; you were going to make sure it would be fun. With those thoughts you leave your room after washing up and putting on your clothes.

However when you arrive there, you notice that Philomena is sitting on the table but Celestia is not in the room. Instantly Philomena dashes towards you and lands on your shoulder. She always seemed very curious as to what you are and is now inspecting you as you resume your walk towards the table and sit down. It isn’t the first time this happened, every encounter you’ve had with this particular phoenix has led to her eyeing you carefully. This time she locks her eyes on your hands. Heh, crazy bird. I’ll just play along.

She flinches a bit when you start wiggling your fingers but she doesn’t fly away. Instead you could see the feathers on her head lift slightly. Is that some kind of invitation for me to pet her? Better be careful...

Slowly you move your hands up to her head. It was going good for a while but eventually the inevitable happens. She bit your thumb and she wasn’t planning to let go. If it wasn’t for the fact that she was the property of the ruler of the lands you reside in you would have probably strangled her.

Fighting against the excruciating pain in your left thumb you move your right hand up to her head and slowly begin to scratch underneath her feathers. Luckily, it worked. She closes her eyes and lets your thumb go. Afraid that if you stop the massage she might bite again you just continue the massage paying no attention at all to your sore thumb.

After a few minutes she finally has enough but instead of going away she spreads her wings. It takes you a moment to realize that what Philomena wants. Preening it is then...

You thought Philomena would eventually fly away but it has been 15 minutes now and you’re still preening her. Then finally princess Celestia walks into the room and Philomena flies away. Saved!

“Good Morning Celestia, I’m not used to see you being late for anything really.” you say.

“Good Morning Anonymous, I still had some business to attend to. I arranged a royal chamber for you to sleep in,” she says.

“I’m getting a new room? A royal chamber!?” you say excited.


“But why?” you know you really shouldn’t ask and just be happy with it but the desire to know why is too overwhelming.

“It’s the least I can do for my friend,” she says with a small smile.

You rush out of your chair and run over to Celestia stopping right in front of her and yanking her into a hug. The hug only lasts for a few seconds and when you release her you notice a mighty blush is present on her face. It was an adorable sight to see.

“W-why did you do that,” she stutters.

“Just a way of saying thank you.””

You both walk towards the table, sit down and grab the casual food you grab every day.

“So, what do you have planned for today,” you ask gobbling up your last pieces of bread. Celestia was already done eating a long time ago.

“Unfortunately I don’t have royal duties to perform today,” she answers.

“What about if we go for a walk in the royal garden?”

“I’d love to, Anonymous.” she says.

“Please, call me Anon. It makes me feel more comfortable.” you explain.

“Okay then, Anon. Shall we?” She says standing up and walking towards the door.

“Yeah let’s go.”


Within the garden were only the finest looking plants in all of Equestria. It was a very peaceful and soothing place as the scent that roamed around this place seemed to make your head feel a bit numb.

“Anon, you shouldn’t spend time with me out of sympathy, that is not your duty. “She says looking over to you. Where did she get those thoughts?

“Celestia, I do not see this as my duty. I see this as spending time with the most beautiful mare I’ve ever seen and that just happens to be the ruler of Equestria. I’m your friend, let those thoughts out of your mind,” you say looking deep into her eyes trying to show your honesty.

Instead of responding she lunges forwards and wraps her wings around you. She was very soft and her warmth seemed to stream through your body. Realizing this was some kind of hug you put your arms around her as well.

“Thank you Anon.” she whispers.

“That’s what friends are for.” When you release Celestia you are surrounded by a blinding light. What the? After your vision returns you are in an unfamiliar room with Celestia standing next to you.

“Where are we?” you ask confused.

“This is your new room, Anon. I hope you like it.” She says.

Damn, it was huge! There was a bed in the right corner that was easily big enough for 3 grown men. It also had more accessories than your other room. This one had a couch, a bookcase, a table surrounded by chairs and a desk with multiple quills and paper on it. The desk stood in front of a massive window through which you could see all of Canterlot and its beauty.

“What's behind that door?” you ask.

“Why don’t you take a look?” She says smiling.

You walk over to the door and turn the doorknob. Behind the door were dozens of different equestrian wines and other beverages, from simple apple cider to the finest of all.

“You may drink all you want as it is refilled every week.” Celestia says trotting over to you. Near unlimited drinking? Niiiceee.

“I have an Idea.” you say grabbing a random bottle.