• Published 8th Aug 2013
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Royal Affection - NightShader

WARNING Anon in Equestria [HiE] You X Celestia. Everyday life in the Canterlot castle can be very boring. One faithful day you decide to change it all...Will it be for the better?

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The Play (edited)

You walk through the halls of the massive Canterlot castle, marching your way toward the dining room as you do every morning. Your brain goes on autopilot as you easily traverse through each spaced corridor.

Since you arrived in Equestria you get to stay at this huge castle. While it may sound fun, it actually isn't. Castle life is fairly casual and boring as nothing exciting seems to happen around here. There were times you have played chess with Celestia's younger sister, Luna. But all in all living in a castle isn't really that big of a deal.

Finally arriving at the dining room you are greeted by Princess Celestia who is sitting at the other side of the table in the middle of the room. In front of her was what she always took in the morning, tea with bread. It's very surprising to you that she, her majesty, practically a goddess would take such a simple meal in the morning.

"Good Morning, Anonymous. Have you slept well?" She asks as she does every day. It has almost become a ritual to do this every morning. Same questions, same answers.

"Indeed I have," you reply. "What about you, Celestia?"

Much to the annoyance of the royal guards and practically everypony, you refuse to call her princess ever since you came, you didn't treat her as royalty, just as a casual pony. Celestia herself never seemed to be bothered because of it.
Princess Celestia's lips curl up to a warm smile. "I slept fine as well." She replies heavenly. It is her basic answer. The one you hear every day.

Today however, you didn't want to do the same again. In the past few months it has become fairly clear to you that the princess barely does any recreational activities for her own. Of course she does go to multiple towns and cities in Equestria to speak to her loyal subjects, and there are events she has to go to quite frequently but all of that is just what she is required to do, none of it is her own choice.

Sitting down at the table you stretch your arm out to reach for some bread with eggs. "Do you have anything planned for today?" you ask as you take a small bite off the freshly baked bread.

The bread you've bitten starts taking your taste buds for a wild ride. You feel as if this bread was made by the gods themselves, thus remembering why a celestial mare like herself enjoys having bread and tea every morning.

"I shall be present at the theater today to observe a new play about the history of Equestria." she responds.

With another vigorous bite off the bread, you quickly swallow it.

"How long does it take?"

"Three hours."

What she just said left you astonished. Three hours for one play! The poor soul.

"I'm coming with you." you say.

"Why would you do that?" she asks. Normally you could never read Celestia's face. She hardly had any emotion expressed on it; a small smile is the most you've seen. Now however, she appears clearly confused.

"That’s what friends do. I know you are required to go to such events for your loyal subjects. Three hours for one play is A LOT of time, and I know you'd rather do something else. Having a friend close will make it all easier to endure." you say taking a big risk. What you have said could be seen as an insult if she really is interested in that play. Then again, her poker face was too good. You have no idea what she thought of it. The seconds pass and she has still not given any answers, and this was making you rather nervous. Finally she speaks up.

"Thank you, Anonymous." she says. Phew, today is probably your lucky day.

"No problem, Celestia."


After you both have finished breakfast you head back to your room to put on a tuxedo. You aren't sure if it's necessary but assuming that everything you’ve seen in Canterlot so far has always been fancy and solemn, it could do no harm.
The trip towards the theater was pretty awesome. You got escorted in a golden chariot, a rare sight to say the least. Arrival there was very messy as the paparazzi were basically swarming the place like flies on manure. Luckily the princess always has a set amount of guards around her during events; they were able to keep most of them away.

Finally you both make it to your seats and sit down awaiting the play to begin. The red velvet curtains swing open and a brownish pony with a black mane trots over to the middle of the stage.

"Fillies and gentlecolts!" says the brownish pony hollering to the crowd.

Already you slump in your seat. Let the torment begin...


After the dreadful three hours, it is finally over. Even though you know nothing about the history of Equestria, you could easily say that what you saw was the most boring play ever. It was more like a story telling. Heavily accented voices speaking with no emotion. That wasn't really your thing.

Turning to the celestial mare sitting next to you, you lean in close to whisper in her ear. “Can we go now?” you ask impatiently.

The words catch her attention as she also leans in close. “I must first make a public appearance and give my opinion. I would like for you to join me.” she insists.

“Join you?" you ask, raising a thin brow. "What do you mean?”

“Just follow me.” Celestia again insists with a soft smile.

You ended up just awkwardly standing next to the princess as she spoke to her subjects.

“The play that I just witnessed was of very high class and I enjoyed every moment of it. Until we meet again my little ponies. “Celestia says making everyone in front of her bow. It was quite a sight to see.

Both of you walk back to the chariot and are greeted by saluting royal Pegasus guards awaiting you to step in. When you both are inside and comfortably seated they take off into the skies.

As you spare a moment to look at Celestia, you hear her sighing in content relief.

“I take it you didn't like the play?" you ask knowingly.

“I have seen worse.” she replies nonchalantly.

“Then why do you keep going to them if you don't like them?”
“It is my duty to show my approval at things that the citizens of Canterlot do, Anonymous. It is all for the good of my subjects.” she says calmly. She knew exactly what she was doing and you knew that it was for the best but it doesn't mean she shouldn't do things for herself.

The rest of the trip is spent in comfortable silence. Back on earth flying in airplanes was never really enjoyable for you. This however had amazing written all over it. Too bad the flight only takes a few minutes, and now you’re back on the ground again. Celestia dismisses the guards and both of you start walking towards the entrance of the castle.

“Thank you, Anonymous.” she suddenly says.

“For what? I didn't exactly do anything back there.”

“You were right. It is easier to endure with my friend by my side.”

“Surely I'm not your only friend, right?” you question.

At this she doesn't reply and hangs her head having a somewhat sullen look plastered on her features instead.
“What about that student of yours; the element of magic," you snap your fingers subsequently as you process the name of the pony you're referring to. "Twilight Sparkle, right? What about her?"

“I am her tutor, that is a different kind of bonding, Anonymous. Being a ruler has its drawbacks -- one of them being alone in every decision you make.” she says depressingly.

Ok that’s just sad, but luckily you are here for the rescue. You shift closer to her and lay your arm on her shoulder.
“Well then," you say with a wry smile. "We have a lot of things to catch up to."