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Very nice story, person. I hope there'll be more, but, at the same time, I don't. I like this just the way it is.

That's also a pretty nice cover.

I'm favoriting incase you write any more chapters. This could be quite interesting.

These are one-offs, so there probably won't be any new chapters.

Oh, that ending!

i seriously hoping you continue this, cause it has a whole lotta potential!

I think this is great so far and that the potential in vinyl having a cock is great.
If you need any help,my Skype is Slouchy B. Hooves(Shy):twilightblush:

Not bad. It felt a little rushed right at the beginning, but the pace evened out as it went along.

There were numerous errors in word choice all throughout this fic ("just because you a rather... unusual body" being one example.)

And while the character interactions weren't terrible, they weren't fantastic either. That being said, it did hold my attention long enough for me to read it, and it's honestly better than some of the things I've read. All in all, I'd give this a 5/10. Fix up the grammatical mistakes and I could certainly see myself giving it a 7/10.

Not bad, not bad, just needs to be polished.

I honestly would have liked it better if it was a long romance story with a few clop scene's here and there. All in all a nice story :pinkiesmile:

I wouldn't have minded a sex scene or at least some kissing.

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