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An assembly of mediocre fics from a mediocre reviewer on ponychan as well as the place to go to if you want a mediocre review of smut.


After a failed spell Trixie finds herself in Twilight's body and vice versa. Their efforts now compose of returning things back the way they were, while learning more about each others lives. Will they be able to return to their own bodies?

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Just a quick warning, I will be making further edits to the story. They shouldn't be anything major, (at least if my pre-readers are to be believed) but they will happen none the less. I want this on EQD.

Moving on, I really do like the concept of the story in my head so far. Shipping will come later. Until then I'm just listing this as slice of life. I'm looking for editors, so if your interested fell free to send me a private message. Its not that I can't edit myself, it just makes the process faster and easier for me to handle. I'm not planning on updating this with a consistent frequency, but expect new chapters to come out every one or two weeks. Feel free to give me feedback. It is always welcome.

Thanks and have a very nice day.:twilightsmile:

Fun first chapter, poor, sad misguided Trixie. It's amazing the spells you can find in mysterious tomes XD. I look forward to reading more :heart:

Your avatar amuses me because im writing a bishock fic too.:rainbowlaugh:

236482 Thanks, I found the image on Ponibooru I think.

Since when did Good Guy Greg become a pony?

Heh, the premise reminds me of "Of Two Minds", by C. Theron Vulpin. In that, Trixie and Twilight were attempting to switch bodies, and wound up both trapped in Trixie's head. Highjinks, etc.

Most ponies are good guy gregs aren't they:twilightsheepish:

Not really criticisms, just observations...

I'm surprised how often Trixie is depicted as living in a gutter after the events of Boast Busters. I've seen several fics do this -- some more than others. She obviously has more talent with magic than most unicorns, and it's hard to believe she couldn't reinvent herself in some manner.

I wonder how Trixie can so easily slip into Twilight's role? There's no hint that she has any difficulty or concern about fooling anyone. Nobody notices anything "off" about her -- her manner of speaking, or familiarity with people and places, etc. Is it really that easy?

236739 i've actually noticed that a majority of the time, when two charecters switch places, nobody notices a thing. it's just another little detail that happens once and is then used again and again.

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