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An assembly of mediocre fics from a mediocre reviewer on ponychan as well as the place to go to if you want a mediocre review of smut.


Sapphire Shores returns to Rarity's boutique to thank her for the most comfortable, fashionable stage wear she's every had. While there, she overhears Sweetie Belle singing, and decides her voice is sensational . Logically, she offers Sweetie a recording deal. Sweetie accepts, and moves to Canterlot to learn the art of being a pop starlet, with all the ups and downs it brings.

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I only noticed one mistake.

"Her newest creation was finally finished, after hours of hard labor, and it was perfect."

Might wanna reword that last part, but otherwise I really, really like this. We need more Sapphire Shores and Sweetie Belle :pinkiehappy: Have a fave and thumb.

This is the PERFECT opening for a fanfic, congrats. :pinkiehappy:

Go Sweetie! :twilightsmile:

It's funny but this is almost exactly how I see Sweetie Belle getting her Cutie Mark.

Definitely need more of this fic soon!

I demand more

Looking good. Interesting cast, believable hook.

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