• Published 27th Jun 2013
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Taken - Makitk

Humans-turned-ponies get taken from their homes to serve as witnesses in a lawsuit against their owners.

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Comments ( 5 )

I hope that this story will be continued some day! I've enjoyed it greatly!

Ugh, Zephyrs are so selfish. :pinkiesick:

It's a shame that this story didn't get much attention, and that I didn't notice it soon, would have loved to have done the cover art for back then. I had a vaguely similar story premise of my own bet never had the patience or the skill to write it. Still, it is too back it was canceled, would have love to see the rest of the story.

A really good story so far I like it alot

I'm very unhappy to see The Story cancelled I really loved it up to this point

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