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Take a moment to think about what you say. If you say something in an attempt to put me or my work that I do for fun down, I may just punch you in the face.


Lyra at her computer and just relaxing on a Friday night, while browsing the internet and conversing with friends. She ends up thinking on her life so far and how bad it is.

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That was a good read. I found myself identifying heavily with Lyra, and agreeing with almost all of the opinions she voiced. Also, you had an engaging writing style and little to no errors. 7/10.

I can actually relate to how Lyra's nights roll :twilightsmile:

Great read :yay:

I think many of us can relate to days/evenings like these.
We have many things, but at the same time there's nothing to do. So much laziness!
Have to agree with many points you have raised here as well, it's so true that it's scary.

Overall, good short little thing :pinkiesmile:

I love how you took a nice little jab to fimfiction's current debacle, but all in all I really liked this story a nice little slice of life here

Thanks! This actually was just a recreation of my typical Friday night but with ponies.

I enjoyed this a lot. I've spent far too many nights, staring at a screen in the dark, like Lyra. :fluttershysad:
It might sound sappy, but if you believe in yourself and surround yourself with supportive people then things can always get better. :twilightsmile:

2561913 I don't think its sappy. I think the same thing.

Comment posted by Zaki deleted May 11th, 2013
Comment posted by Zaki deleted May 11th, 2013

2561485 Heh, the woes of the Internet wanderer perhaps? Still, glad you liked it.

2561096 I actually didn't expect people to like this. It was more of just something I felt I had to do for myself. Not really inspiring but I appreciate the kind words!

Wait a minute... Lyra reads naruto?


too much porn in the featured box

One of her favorite fanfics was inspired off a certain game and had the mature tag so she needed it on in order to see updates.

This is excatly what i do

2564795 the only way it could be any more obvious is if you said that when it ran out of ideas, it started ripping off Star Wars.

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