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Why are Octavia and Vinyl living in Ponyville at the time of their interview? Don't they live in Canterlot? Doesn't Octavia play for formal events? Doesn't Vinyl play in nightclubs? Where the hell did the Bass Cannon come from?

Intended to be only two or three chapters. Just something I've done as a side project during moving and the holidays.

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so if luna wins vinyl and octavia get pardoned?

Well, Vinyl Scratch. I can dig that.

what could possibly go wrong? that question is just asking the universe to bitch slap you

err mah gerrd this is so good thanks for the fic man

Not sure if serious or being sarcastic...

1971810 no i legit liked it alot im currently writing a fic about vinyl and octavia so i am reading other fics about them to get an idea of the community view on them and stuff (as you can probably tell im not a good writer so i am gonna have to get an editor) going off on tangents for the win

I could help a bit but I do have a few other stories I'm working on so it wouldn't be the highest priority on my list.

1972175 thanks but i have gotten one of my friends to edit my story already but i could give you the password so you could view it before its released. i also added a chicken in, in a very similar fashion as you did i hope you dont think i copied your story

i'll give it a look over.

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