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There are two ways to explain, the long, and the short. This is the long. Me and a few friends went to a Con dressed as our favorite characters from the show Slugterra, I went dressed as Eli Shane, my friends went as Kord Zane, a Cave Troll and certified engineer, Trixie Sting, Slug expert and second in command, Pronto the insert-word-here, expert at tracking and when it comes to getting down and dirty, Will Shane, youngest member ironically and substitute leader, Thaddeus Blakk, genius inventor and slugslinger, Tad Blakk second oldest, elder brother of the one who dressed up as Thaddeus Blakk, and third in command, Twist, our infiltration expert and tactition, and finally Dana Por, our team's thief. We had bought an entire set of Slugs and Ghouls from the 'Merchant' and based off rumors he was supposed to send us somewhere in an alternate Equestria. Our situation turned out very different, he brought parts of Equestria to OUR Earth who started to convert others into Ponies, Minotaurs, Gryphons, Diamond Dogs, you name it, they turned 'em. The worst part is they all had their emotions drained from their psyches, their brain and Heart, except for joy and happiness. One of my best friends managed to keep a video log after he got converted, forcefully, into Discord of all things before his memories were wiped completely and decided to wonder about the world looking for his purpose. I still have those logs and am going to show them to the Mane 6 when they somehow manage to find their way down here, if they do. Now my team the Neo-Shane Gang are immortal thanks to that magic blast that occured when Equestria was brought here turning us into our characters and bringing our collection to life who lead the survivors to our new home, our own Slugterra, and protect each and every Cavern from the more unsavory types.

Dark and Horror tags because of Conversion Bureau.

Chapters (1)

Trixie has just met the new pony in town, he's a very interesting fellow, Nightshade Caster is his name, he's a treasure hunter, a merchant and lover of spontaneity, talking in riddles and downright nonsense. His eccentricities aside he's actually quite nice, and the other ponies agree, but there is something just a little off about him, with his arrival comes strange occurrences in Ponyville. Speculation runs wild, but Trixie refuses to believe these rumours, he'd never do anything to harm somepony....would he?

Chapters (1)

Twilight and Spike have been dealing with Starlight's attempt to stop the Sonic Rainboom for nearly thirty years now. It's been hard on the both of them, but they know they'll win because of one simple fact.

Starlight ages.

A short fic that's been burning in the back of my skull basically since the season five finale aired, and I finally felt like taking the time to write it.

Chapters (1)

Waking up as a different species, as well as the opposite gender, a young man is unable to tell the truth about himself, whats worse is that he has become one of his favorite characters from a video game, but if you thought getting all those cool powers didn't come with a price you're wrong. forced to take on the name and past of Cynder, the Ex-Terror of the skies, one man turned dragon must face the apes of the dragon realms, and tries to live a peaceful life. Sometimes going on adventures aren't all they're cracked up to be

Chapters (2)

This story is the mix of two stories called "Aqua Butterfly: Tiny Pony, Big Friendship" and "Giant Robot Twilight Wants Your Love".

Once I found myself on a strange place. Purple and fluffly surface and so high trees. I didn't remember anything from my past except my name and age. I was a 8 years old boy called Freddy. Soon I discovered the origin of this new place and meet with a new friend, who was very special to me. And why? Because that friend became my caretaker. That friend was a gigantic purple pony goddess called Twilight Sparkle, who is the size of the Jupiter.

Chapters (2)

Stormbreakers live on the coast of Equestria, and fly out to sea to fight feral storms that approach the mainland. Sometimes they don't come back.

Aurora Mist's worst fears are realized when her team comes back one mare short.

Pre-reading by Georg
Translating by Conflicting views

Chapters (1)

There are creatures science refuses to recognize.

But new technology makes us question what is real.

If our eyes see it, if our cameras capture it... does it exist?

Enter a real where fact meets fiction, science meets legend, where nightmares come to life.

Do you believe?

Chapters (1)

It was supposed to be an easy summer for Fluttershy. Spend the summer learning how to ride around in an ambulance so that she can get the extra credit needed to get to veterinary school early. Something not too difficult that she could get some life experience with

Yet this will be a summer she will never be able to forgets. Instead of simply riding around in an ambulance, she gets sucked into a reality of mechanical aliens, robots in disguise and a war between two factions that has gone on longer than any human or pony has been alive.

And then there's Ratchet. He's a jerk.

Ratchet and the other transformers will be based on their WfC, FoC and Transformers Prime counterparts.

Chapters (1)

Rainbow Light and Sketchy Clouds are just growing up to fast they are now having a sleepover for the very first time!

This story is a prequel to Rainbow Light Goes To School

Chapters (5)

Following the defeat of the infamous Pony of Shadows and the return of the Pillars, the Parliament of the Golden Islands, a long-term ally to Equestria, summons all the known kingdoms and nations to an assembly to settle terms to preserve peace and safety among the species; Starquill is sent to Equestria to learn about the magic that surounds it, but he is received by an special group of ponies that will melt his heart and make him question his orders, here's a tale of amity and romance, tragedy and betrayals, power-crazed lunatics and evil maniacs, in a land where nopony can be trusted and the more you look, the closer you are to dicover the darkness beneath...

Chapters (1)
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