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He wonders, not for the first time, if what he does for us even matters. No matter what he does, he just cant seem to do enough...and he wonders if we would be better off without him. She will be his second sun, the light of his life, she is worth it.

She finds herself in a world not hers, surrounded by creatures not like her. She doesn't know anything about herself, or her past. She sees him, and she knows that he needs her now as much as she needs him. He will be her guardian protector.

Inspired by Tatsurou's Pwnyverse.

Cover art provided by Votederpycausemufins.

Chapters (9)

New Author; Minibinaz
Go Here to Read Continuation
2 Delta Force Operators, SFC David Grayson and Sgt Elliot Lee, find themselves in the Everfree Forest after a helicopter crashes. After a day of recon they decide to become Ponyville's silent protectors, only coming out at night, stopping the criminals and saving ponies. During the day they watch over the town with binoculars, hunt, fortify their base, and search the forest.
For weeks ponies have been reporting seeing 2 tall figures looking out over Ponyville from the Everfree, walking the streets at night and stopping criminals before leaving them outside the headquarters of the Ponyville Guard, unconscious and tied up. Tune your radio to a certain frequency and you may be able to hear chatter between 2 creatures.

Chapters (2)

This story is a sequel to Kingdom Hearts: Equestria Girls

It has been a month since Sora and Donald had returned from Canterlot High, and Sora decides that he needs to train to prepare for retaking the Mark of Mastery exam, but he needs a new stomping ground to train in. King Mickey suggests that he has, "the perfect place for him", so he sends Sora, Donald, and Goofy to the new world that Sora has opened up from the keyhole he unlocked.
Will this new world be the perfect place for Sora's training? Or will it be just another world that he needs to save from the dark clutches of the Heartless once again?

New Game (If you haven't read Kingdom Hearts: Equestria Girls, click "New Game".)


Takes place after Dream Drop Distance.

Artwork by GundamBrony.

Author's Notes
If you believe Sora's scene in the beginning warrants the "Human" tag, let me know in the comments.

Chapters (14)

This story is a sequel to Dark Cloud

If you have not read Dark Cloud already, I strongly recommend NOT PROCEEDING. This description will ruin a huge chunk of that story. You have been warned. Please, before you ruin this for yourself, go check out Dark Cloud via. the link above.

And please, for the love of God, don't leave a dislike on this story just because you ignored this giant warning and read on anyway.

Equestria has been completely wiped off of the map, along with everypony in it.
Except one.
Ventus, in a final effort to save everypony, learns time magic from his half-brother, Midnight Sky. He travels back in time almost 8000 years to stop his evil ancestor Gale from terrorizing Unicornia. But little does he know that he and Midnight Sky could never have prepared for what they find hidden within the folds of history...

Chapters (2)

I am just a regular girl. Yeah, maybe sometimes I work a little too hard, or at least that's what Mira says. I guess its just part of my nature. Anyway, that's not my story. One day, I wake up to find a tattoo bearing a striking resemblance to a cutie mark! And not one I've ever seen before! Mira has one too! What's going on here!?

A side-fic to TwistedSpectrum's Five Score, Divided by Four.

Chapters (11)

A grandfather's tale of him passing on a legacy due to him encountering a stallion in a suit that gave him a bit in his childhood.

(My entry for Scribblefest 2017!)

Chapters (1)

When the Crusaders feel like they've tried just about everything to get their cutie marks, Apple Bloom has the idea that maybe they're meant to be matchmakers for all of Ponyville! But before they turn their skills on just anypony they decide to test their plan out on Big Macintosh first. (Just a note, this was started before the plot of Hearts and Hooves was even released. >_< )

Chapters (7)

After working one too many storms, Rainbow Dash comes down with the flu. Her sister, Applejack, knowing all too well that her sister will continue playing in the rain when she is sick, insists that she stay at Sweet Apple Acres until she is better. Apple Bloom wants to make her feel better so she makes her sister some vegetable soup

Short sisterly fluff that takes place before Friendship is Magic in the universe of the "Believe" series. Read "Give to Good Home" & "Sisters of Different Blood" if you want to get a better picture of how this story fits in but it is not necessary for enjoyment of story.

Chapters (1)

At the northernmost edge of Equestria, just past the Crystal Mountains and on the edge of the permanent ice cap covering the Old Territories, winter has always come early and hard to the Crystal Empire. Since the downfall of Sombra and Cadance's assumption of her rightful place as Crystal Princess, she, just like the crystal ponies she leads, has had to adapt to short days and frequent storms at the bottom of the year. By now, a few winter storms seem perfectly normal.

But three blizzards in a month? Weeks before the beginning of winter? That definitely isn't normal. This winter, the Empire may be faced with more than just a few snowstorms, but instead a struggle for its very survival. As its Princess, Cadance will be on the front lines...

(Set after Season 4)

Chapters (2)
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