An explosion caused by an experiment with their new magical geode has summoned a strange infant creature into the halls of Canterlot High.

Unable to send the creature back where it came from, or even fathom the science necessary to achieve such a feat, Sunset Shimmer and the girls decide to care for the creature in secret. At least until they can come up with a way to send it back home.

But ultimately, will it be that easy to let go? For when another strange and dangerous creature arrives in their world aiming to collect their newest charge for seemingly diabolical purposes, the girls will jump through a rip in reality itself to save the creature they hardly know anything about. But will they be ready to face the dangers that lie on the other side of the gateway? In a world far different then anything they may have ever seen before on Earth, or even Equestria?

(A collaboration story with Foxhelm)

(Disclaimer: This is a rewrite of my original crossover story combining the Equestria Girls series and the Digimon franchise)
(I own nothing and all property belongs to its respected owners)
(The Equestria Girls series is property of Hasbro)
(Digimon is property of Bandai and Toei Animation)

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Earth was never the same again after that fateful day: October 23 2077.

For the remnants of Humanity, life has become an everyday battle for domination and survival, which involves a person living and another dying. Total anarchy, to describe it in a word.

The Enclave is no different to this way of society, and it itself participates through the use of armed force and violence under the leadership's purist rhetoric. To the highest chambers of Raven Rock, only they are true Humans, unlike the "savages" of the Wasteland.

An unlikely soldier of this organization, one that like everyone else was sworn to fight for the future of his country, finds himself in a strange new land, a land that was different from the bombed out reality that is Earth. A land that could have been America...and the world.

But the question is: if he learns his lesson, would the rest of his comrades will? Or will they treat the teachers of this unlikely individual the same way like the rest of the "savages" of the wastes?

Cover art by TakeOFFFLy (DeviantArt)

A crossover between Fallout 3 and of course, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Be warned that some parts may contain spoilers for the former. It is recommended to either read the Fallout Wiki or play the game to understand the Enclave and it's background.

This fic takes place after the events of SO9E25 but before Twilight's coronation in SO9E26. Equestria Girls and all it's events does not happen in this story (although I may include a certain character when I get the chance).

This is my first story btw, so criticism and feedback is appreciated. :twilightsmile:

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Princess Twilight, ruler of Equestria. Yet she feels unsure how to rule her new kingdom. She has her friends, she has Celestia, Luna and Cadence, even Discord to give her advice, but it still doesn't seem to be enough. Until one day not long after her coronation, she received a letter from the unknown with an offer to meet others who might give her the confidence she needed. From who else but her selves?

This tale is a mix of homages to some of my favourite MLP Fanfiction and other ideas of my own which I'm not quite sure if I could write a full dedicated story about. There will be (possible) spoilers for both the other fics and possibly some of my own if I proceed to follow up with them.

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"The endless dark of the universe is yours, if you but reach out to take it. Yield nothing -- the void respects only strength."

— Serren Travius, Rogue Trader.

In the grim darkness of the 41st millennium there is only war. but not only war. while war, death and bloodshed is in all shape and form across the stars, there are some who see it as a call for discovery and fame. this few individuals are the houses of the Rogue Traders. follow the tale of Rogue Trader, lord captain Sullivan Van Cruze and his crew of the Mercor Invicta in search of fame and glory in a galaxy ravaged by war.

The story is set in the first years of the Era Indomitus.
I do not own 'My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic' or 'Warhammer 40,000'. They are the property of their respective owners, and are not my intellectual property.
There is no financial gain made from this nor will any be sought. This is for entertainment purposes only.

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Equestria has seen all kinds of evils, but when a ancient evil from 2000 years in the past is release there is only one hope the world has.

Power Rangers Power Rangers Power Rangers Power Rangers In a world running  out of time, we must fight to survive against an ancient evil that must die. There is only one team that can send this evil back a group of Legendary Knights. Go go Power Rangers don't you ever stop go go Power Rangers you will rise up to the top defenders forever, Knights of War all together. Power Rangers Power Rangers Power Rangers Power Rangers The tail of a knight is a legendary one  true and justice is all they will stand for. When evil arrives and it's these that hope is lost, they will always answer the call. Go go Power Rangers don't you ever stop go go Power Ranger you will rise up to the top defenders forever, Knights of War all together. Power Rangers Power Rangers Power Rangers Power Rangers Power Rangers Knights of war!!!!!!

I don't own anything. MLP & Power Rangers are both owned by Hasbro

Note: Before we begin this story, I would like to make a few things clear. First off this will be the first story I have ever worked on. So if it ends up being bad I apologize in advance. Secondly I will be listening & trying to fix any & all criticisms or problems you may have with this story. However I will not change anything that will mess up my vision. Besides we all know what happened the last time someone messed with someone’s vision. Cough Star War The Last Jedi cough.

By the way, if you do like that movie or this new trilogy, good for you.

Third & most importantly this story will be taking place after the ending of Power Rangers Dino Charge & before Power Rangers Beast Morphers. Which means in this universe that trash of a season of Power Rangers Ninja Steel never happened.


Once again if you do like that season or Mystics Force, Operation Overdrive, Samurai, or even ugh Mega Force good for you. Also you are probably wondering where & when the MLP universe this story takes place, well you will just have to wait & see. Now without further ado let’s start Power Rangers Knights of War.

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(This is half-based on the Japanese Mythology)

Have you ever wondered who gave Celestia her ability to rise the Sun? Who gave Luna her dream walking ability? Long ago, way before Celestia's reign, her parents; King Cosmos and Queen Galaxia had made contact with those whom they called themselves 'Kami', and they each had magnifcent powers and unreadable potential. The Alicorns made a deal with the Kami, they would give some of their magic away for useful purposes while the Kami would shelter them as well as protection.

Then everything changed when the Eight-Headed Snake, Yamata no Orochi attacked the new land, both King Cosmos and Queen Galaxia were killed in the battle, the Kami were badly injured as well. Finally, Susanoo himself destroyed Yamata and sealed him away. The connection between the ponies and the Kami remained broken since then. However, the Kami granted the passed rulers' children parts of their power...

Thousands of years passed, the new land now known as Equestria were once again, sank into danger. Yamata no Orochi was reanimated by an unknown force and stole the Sun Goddess, Amaterasu's Flames from the center of the Sun; her greatest weapon. Yamata and his minions had now escaped into Equestria, with their limitation being there, Amaterasu send her assistance, a Demi-god she adopted many years ago, known as Black Fox, to retake the Flames of the Sun...

But the question is, can the Demi-god, and Equestria's newest Element welders, be the opponent of the God of destruction itself?

(A Japanese Mythology crossover, first time doing it. ;)

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Wildemount, an ancient land torn apart by war and lorded over by two great powers, the Dwendallian Empire and the Kryn Dynasty. With many people caught up in the machinations of the two nations, there are plenty of stories to be told around this storied land. But as the War of Ash and Light looms on the horizon, things are not going to be easy for them.

From around Wildemount, a group of unlikely heroes come together in the town of Talonstadht near the ruins of the destroyed nation of Draconia. Their stories may yet change the face of Wildemount however, if they can work together at least.

Now its their turn to roll.

This story re-imagines the Mane Six and others as characters in the Dungeons and Dragons setting of Wildemount. Also a bit of a crossover with the popular webseries Critical Role, but knowledge of that is not necessary.

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This story is a sequel to Cuddles III

Spring rains make the crops grow, and the weatherponies mostly schedule them around when ponies commute, but sometimes ponies get caught out and sometimes a pony’s just got to roll in a mud puddle on her way home.

Was that silly? Or was I the foolish one for not remembering the joys of fresh puddles?

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Some funny moments from RD and Soar’s arranged marriage. And the reception.

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Countless numbers of genocide runs have been committed, each of them no different from the last. Until suddenly, Sans remembers. He remembers it all. Every single timeline and every single genocide was clear as day in his head, and he was determined to put an end to it. But even then, he couldn't defeat the human. Even with the knowledge of every reset, Chara once again defeated him and successfully completed another genocide run, but something was different this time...

Instead of waking up in his bed at the beginning of another reset, he opened his eyes to a place he didn't recognise. A place that, sooner or later, would be under the same exact threat as his home world.

This time, Sans was ready for anything. This time, he'd be fighting until his last breath.

Custom Tags: Sans, Chara, Papyrus

- All music used belongs to their original creators.

- Undertale belongs to Toby Fox.

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