The first discovery was made in the spring from nineteen-ninety. From a mine in South America came a piece of ember, containing the fossilized remains of a prehistoric mosquito. The insect, that was frozen in its death throes, had been there for millennia and was managed to be preserved in good condition after sixty-five million years.

Biologists studied it, dissected it to pieces, and extracted blood samples from it. It then became possible to deduce how many millions of years old the insect was and what it carried within it. They discovered that this particular Mosquito had fed on the blood of ancient creatures that had been extinct for eons: the dinosaurs. From the dna of said blood, scientists were able to recreate those giants, and for the first time man, pony, and dinosaur shared the earth.

And it happened in a place called, Jurassic Park.

Featured: 3/29/2023

An MLP/Jurassic Park Novel Crossover

Inspired by Micheal Crichton’s novel - Jurassic Park & The Lost Ponies: Jurassic Park

Cover Art by - JetXPegasus
Graphic Design and Typography by JetXPegasus

A/N (Please read!) - Hello! This is my first attempt at writing a suspenseful and thrilling story. I've been working on this on-and-off until I’ve finished all chapters for this story and published it for all to see.

This is a crossover with Jurassic Park. This is a ying and yang type of story; pure balance between from both novel and canon film - the story is dated in 1989 (so Novel canon) with a bunch of events that occur in the novel.

The characters in the story all feature in the novel. Imagined Laura Derm as Ellie Sattler when writing this, Sam Neill as Alan Grant, and most importantly, Jeff Goldblum as Ian Malcolm (Let’s be honest though, Jeff Goldblum is the one true Ian Malcolm!)

Time and place of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The story takes place after season two - ten days after the Canterlot Wedding.

Spoiler Warning To all readers! If you haven’t read the Jurassic Park Novel, don’t read this!

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Every day, all day, Trixie transforms pebbles and bits of rubbish into teacups, and she is happy.

Content Warning: Seriously, this is science fiction AU horror with dystopian elements. But isn't it interesting to see things through a different point of view? (scream emoji) 😱

Let us thank the prereaders: Carlos S., Cloud Ring. (The prereaders are not responsible for my own mistakes and shortcomings, though.)

This story might be an entrant in "Science Fiction Contest II," who knows?

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A collection of stories with no more than 150 words, each having a set prompt.

All stories are written for the monthly Flashfic150 competition by Loganberry, which are held in the Flashfic group.

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This story is a sequel to Flash Sentry Chronicles: Evil's Uprising

Years Years ago, a group of ponies came together to defeat a great evil. Now, these ponies have become the greatest heroes Equestria has ever known and have faced threats and danger that most can only dream about. Their lives have changed so much since that night, and now they must prepare for their new roles as leaders of Equestria. The Princess, the knight, the farmer, the athlete, the dressmaker, the baker and the animal lover. Together with their friends, they will work to keep Equestria safe for the next generation.

But unbeknownst to them, a dark force has amassed that wishes to destroy everything they hold dear. And as a returning evil also emerges, it will become a threat greater than any other seen before. The end of Equestria may be nigh, unless our heroes call upon the Magic of Friendship one final time.

Edited by KingJoltik


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This story is a sequel to The Sheriff and the Princess: Together?

Pipp and Hitch were accused of being a couple after Sparky made a video of Hitch caring for Pipp while she was sick. Now they realize they have feelings for each other and start dating. Their friends also begin dating other ponies, as Zipp is required by her mother to pick a suitor and produce a royal heir. Meanwhile, Misty continues her efforts to get Sparky for Opaline and get her Cutie Mark, but is her destiny really to serve to the evil Alicorn Queen? Find out.

Couples Include: Hitch x Pipp, Zipp x Thunder, Izzy x Rufus, and Sunny x to be decided (most likely an OC).

Featured 3/28/23!

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A man named Arrin is transported into the new world with major memory loss. The place seems to be filled with unknown creatures - ponies. He's destined to learn about his past and find a place to call home. As the story unfolds, he encounters different inhabitants, places, and many more. Will he be able to find himself, or will he descend into madness?

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Twilight finds something mysterious in her room, and she's not sure what it is or how it got there. She begins to speculate that it could possibly be a new species or advanced technology, but it proves difficult to communicate with. It appears to have characteristics similar to a Changeling but is unlike anything Twilight has ever seen. As Twilight becomes overjoyed at a potential discovery little does she realize the brevity of her excitement.

I want to give a solid thank you to Mokoma for writing this story. It was a commission request I made on one of a few ideas I’ve had for some time. Hope you enjoy it and let them know how well they did.

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Twilight begins to develop new powers after her brother's wedding, well the truth is that not everything we saw in the royal wedding was the only thing that happened that day...

At her brother's wedding, after Chrysalis sent her to the cave, Twilight loses consciousness and has a vision, a dream in which she meets a nine-tailed beast, when she wakes up the only thing she remembers from that dream is a name "Kurama"...not only that, she found out the truth about her, she is not a normal unicorn, she is most than that

English is not my maternal language, this is my first story, I hope you enjoy this:twilightsmile:

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Let's be real, when the GBN Committee announced the latest Crossover event would be with My Little Pony, people were more than a little skeptical. After all, when most people thought about the My Little Pony Franchise many would claim it's a show many would claim directed towards “little girls”. They’d think about solving issues using the ‘power of friendship’ and talking their problems out; not solving them with an iron slug about the size of a truck, or a sword that melted steel and vaporized bone alike.
If anything, My Little Pony and the Gundam Franchise were on opposite sides of a spectrum.
So why? Why would anyone put together an MLP-based Event server in the GBN network? The fact that someone on the GBN Community had thrown out the idea of creating an MLP-based Event for Divers sounded ridiculous in its own right. The idea of the GBN Committee allowing them to go ahead with it? That was mind boggling.
Well it doesn't matter now, the Event is about to come to an end; and naturally some don't want it to. Especially an AI who's learned that if the Event ends so will his world and everyone he loves. So, in a vain attempt to stop the coming end, he makes his last stand...

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This story is a sequel to Draconian War: JUSTICE

Twelve years have passed since Draconian soldiers attempted to invade Earth. Life on Draconia has been going well with its new Emperor. The Squid Sisters have decided to take to take their children and parents to Equus as a surprise for Flurry Heart and the Young Six.

Credit goes to Deviantart user Dinosaurbro20 for Andrew and Lizzie's names.

Credit goes to Deviantart user michaeldreemur for Michael and Taylor's names.

Credit goes to Deviantart user TestedSpider592 for names of Callie and Marie's parents.

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