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I've spent twelve years as a nurse, now. Nurse Redheart, helping the ailing ponies of Ponyville, caring for them all. Twelve years! So many memories, so many regrets. And yet one night, a decade ago, I remember with particular sorrow - for on that one, terrible night, I failed...

Note: This story largely concerns Bright Mac and Pear Butter, but they don't have character icons yet. I shall edit the characters as soon as they become available.

Chapters (1)

Unbeknownst to her subjects, the reason why Celestia wears her crown and jewelry isn't just for fashion or to show her power, but it's actually to sustain her near unlimited power. And by that, she grows into a giant in a few seconds. It hasn't been done, until now, when a letter from an old friend is sent to her.

Unbeknownst to his subjects, the now retired Dragonlord Torch has a history with Celestia, and the royal family of Canterlot. And, one he doesn't bring up, is his past, for personal reasons, of course.

Chapters (1)

Rainbow Dash, student pilot, gets drunk one night and finds herself shanghai'd into working for a mercenary company in Africa. She can leave...just as soon as she flies one hundred combat missions.

Civil war is well underway, and warlord factions fight to control the gold-rich country of Talongo. Both sides are well supplied, accelerating into an arms race. Rainbow wanted to be a fighter pilot, but not like this, not flying for her life against killers for hire on both sides of the war.

Going home is her goal, but first she has to survive.

Chapters (4)

A great tragedy happened in Appleoosa more than a decade ago, one that left half of the element bearers dead, and left the town abandoned. The incident has been left uninvestigated, until now.

Applebloom, third bearer of the element of honesty after her sister Applejack and brother Big MacIntosh, goes to Appleoosa to investigate the town, looking for information that will lead to the solution to the mystery of why her sister died there.

While she's on her own, she has tools with her to help her: a camera that takes animated pictures, and a crystal to record what she says. What will she discover about her big sister and her cousin? Will she want to remember what she learns?

Chapters (2)

A series of stories that takes place in the town of Clydesdale. Every 'chapter' will be a different story, and the description will be edited to have premises/descriptions for each story published.

Blindsight: A new pony has moved to Clydesdale in hopes to start over. Her blindness proves to be problem though for her new roommate.

Chapters (1)

Apple Bloom can't sleep. Surely a midnight snack will fix that problem. But what starts out as a midnight snack soon turns into a midnight feast of pies, apple fritters, and cider.

WARNING: This story contains stuffing/weight gain. Do not read if this isn't your cup of tea. If it is, enjoy!

Chapters (1)

"It's just my parents and I have a delicate relationship."

What had Rainbow Dash meant by that? Scootaloo intends to find that out!

WARNING: This story contains diapers, diaper usage, and ageplay. Do not proceed further if this isn't your cup of tea. If it is, enjoy!

Chapters (1)

Two humans are sent and displaced into Equestria. The first human wants to stay alive and show mercy while the second one wants to protect his friend and kill those who threaten them. Villains will be spared... or killed. (Commenters can decide Equestria's future by choosing which villians will be spared or killed. The first villain was alreaddy shown mercy.) (Cross-Overs will not be available for this story untill between Chapters 5 - 10)

Chapters (1)

Mlp fim/Over The Garden Wall au. Two sisters, Rarity and Sweetie Belle find themselves lost in a strange forest, the Everfree. With the help of a bluebird name Rainbow Dash, they must travel through this world to find home and escape the horrible Sombra, King of Shadows, who is hunting them down...

Chapters (1)

Spike is a normal dragon, but Twilight gets worried because he keeps disappearing at night. Then, the ponies in Equestria are getting the news that there's a mad creature that's murdering ponies.

Chapters (2)
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