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Recently turned 18 year old that came back to the site after a loooooooong break. Mind you, still not that talented in terms of writing XD but I try.

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Thorax decides to stay in Ponyville for a bit longer, to really spend a good amount of time with Spike. They agreed to meet in the map room.

Spike should never had agreed.

Takes place after the events of Triple Threat.

Read by Bringiton6611

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Following the defeat of Queen Chrysalis, the princesses of Equestria seek to build a relationship with newly-crowned King Thorax and forge an alliance between ponies and changelings that has never been seen before.

While the changelings adjust to the broad, sympathetic intricacies of shared love magic, Thorax works to embrace his role as the hive's new patriarch, demonstrating a benevolent rule far different from his predecessor. Through sleeping and resting together in groups, he aims to cultivate harmony and empathy in a once turbulent hive and find a place for himself within it at last.

With the help of Equestrian royalty, a few good friends, and his brooding older brother, Thorax must now champion the idea of peaceful changelings in Equestria and show the world that his kind can change more than just their looks.

* Main entry of the Love Bug Continuity!
* Takes place between seasons 6 and 9.
* This story is preceded by, To Love as His Own.
* Featured on a Tv.Tropes page.
* Story artwork created by Racingwolf.
* Currently being edited by Double R Forrest.

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A simple walk becomes a fight for survival, when a young filly walks home at night through the woods, and is attacked by a mysterious mare...

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You've heard what happens when you give a mouse a cookie, you've heard what happens when you give a moose a muffin, and you've heard what happens when you give a pig a pancake. But when you give a pony a pretzel, prepare for mayhem, because you know what?

That's exactly what you get.


The following fic was pulled out of my ass in the span of about an hour. As per the comedy tag, it isn't meant to be taken seriously at all.

Viewer discretion is advised.

Rated teen for language and cartoon violence.

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