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Recently turned 18 year old that came back to the site after a loooooooong break. Mind you, still not that talented in terms of writing XD but I try.

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After a long day at work, you come home ready to enjoy a night of peace and quiet.

To bad someone, or rather somePONY, wants to hang out around your house.

(I have no clue where I got this idea from. It kinda just popped in mah head. XD)

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Why the hell did I let that stupid pegasus talk me into this? They said everything would be fine, that everyone would walk out of here fine...

That was when everypony was still alive. Whatever's out here, it wants me next...

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This story is a sequel to Not Just A Bug

So, here I am. Settling down in equestria, A place I can finally call home. Remember my last journal? Yes? Then you know Thorax, right? Well he turned out to be one of my best friends in that time period. At first, I trusted him as far as I could throw him, which probably would be kinda far, but I never tried. Now it's nice to have a friend who you can talk to without having to worry about him bitting your head off..

Well shit just got real again. After news comes to the Empire that there might be changelings like Thorax in the Everfree, Shingning, Me, and Thorax (after some presution) and some guards go out to see if it's true.

As you can guess, shit gets real. Real fast.

And now I'm lost in the damned Everfree. Again. With nothing but my rifle and pick.

This seems familiar...

100 Views - April 27th, 2017

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Thunder Wing and his best friend, who is a changeling, are enjoying the life that Equestira has given them. Little do they know, thats all going to change...

This story is going to be formatted with choices and stuff like that. Once in a while the readers will make a choice that will determine the story's future.

Inspired by the TellTale's games series.

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Lee Everett, teacher of UGA university. Sentenced to life in prison after killing a state senator. Twilight Sparkle, element of magic, taken from her home and thrown into earth. Both led very different lives, but now their together. And the sudden threat of brain-eating zombies isn't helping. Will they survive? And how will the life of a single pony change the lives of an entire nation?

Thank you PaintedNovel455 for giving me a better description. :twilightblush:

Returning Feb. 1st!

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Changelings are known to be heartless and suck the love from ponies. But not all changelings are like this and I can prove it. My name is David, and this is a story of how I found something that I thought was just a bug.

Thank you to BubbleLee for letting me use her art for the cover art for the past long while, but I've made some custom art for it now! Her link will remain as a tribute.

'Press F to pay respects.'


Special thanks to Bestiebest, princessfizzyheart and Raistlin Phantom for being my editors.

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