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Rocky Temple of Strife and Glory 7 stories
  • Rocky Temple of Strife and Glory 7 stories There is no pleasure without pain, no victory without sacrifice. The land has faced many perils, and this temple - in the most inhospitable mountains in the land - reveres the heroes of yore, and their noble sacrifices.
    Created by Dusk Raven
    - February, 2016
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  • Desert Temple of Mirth and Joy 27 stories This temple, situated in a sun-baked desert, is dedicated to joy and laughter, bringing hope to the desert people and reminding them of the less serious side of life.

  • Flowery Temple of Warmth and Glow 13 stories Located in one of the most naturally-beautiful locations in the know world - a great field of countless types of flowers - this temple is second to none when it comes to providing happiness and general warm and fuzzy feelings.

  • Snowy Temple of Awe and Beauty 3 stories Many wonderous sights in nature can be found in the north, and situated in a snow forest is this temple to beauty. Whether it's existential wonder or marvelous art, this temple reveres it all.

  • Jungle Temple of Adventure and Questing 15 stories We're all on a journey for something, and to reach the temple of adventure, one must journey into perilous jungles. Whether it's trailblazing in unknown lands or finding a path on the twisting and poorly-maintained highway that is life, this temple understands it all.

  • Rocky Temple of Strife and Glory 7 stories There is no pleasure without pain, no victory without sacrifice. The land has faced many perils, and this temple - in the most inhospitable mountains in the land - reveres the heroes of yore, and their noble sacrifices.

  • Ocean Temple of Questions and Uncertainty 7 stories Few things hold more mysteries than the ocean, and it is on the cusp of the abyss that this temple lies. Dedicated to the quest for truth, it stands vigilant, eternally staring into the ocean horizon, curious and thinking.

  • Ashen Temple of Terror 8 stories In the ashen wastelands there lies a temple. It is not spoken of. It is not revered. It has but one purpose - to inflict fear upon its masochistic devotees. Without fear, there is not only no courage, but no life, for fear is the deepest and strongest of all emotions.

  • Bleak Temple of Sorrow and Catharsis 8 stories Though it seems strange to seek out painful feelings, this temple in a lonely canyon is dedicated to just that pursuit. For after all, in feeling sorrow for others we feel empathy and compassion.

  • Night Temple of Passion and Desire 34 stories Why are matters of love and lust kept in the dark? Regardless, this hidden temple of darkness finds such modest lighting suitable for the reverence of erotic passions and romantic desire.

  • Urban Temple of History and Lore 3 stories This metropolitan temple is really just a library in disguise, containing useful knowledge about the world.


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[Please read the author's notes after the expansion before reading. Thank you]

Welcome to the new Equestria, Twilight Sparkle. See your friends at each other's throats? You have to choose between them now, to stop the heartache of war with decisive victory. For the nation lies bleeding, its harmony shattered into a million pieces. Black and white and right and wrong have blurred together.

You must choose wisely, or all shall die.

~Image by JohnJoseco~ If anyone can find a fitting, unique image for this story, please do not hesitate to link in the comments.

[Author's Note]

The following stories should be read in order to get a good grasp on references to previous works.

- Sunset (Mandatory)*
- My Little Muffin (Optional)
- Clash of the Heavenly Titans (Optional)*
- Blood is Thicker / The Reluctant Reunion of the Redoubtable Rabble-Rouser (Strongly Recommended)

All can be found on my Deviant Art account: http://ciroton.deviantart.com/
Those with * can be found here on FIMFiction.

Chapters (25)

An MLP/Warhammer 40K Crossover

The Iron Warriors 38th Company has landed in Equestria, entrenching themselves like a barbed hook. They hunt the aliens of the Tau Empire, intent on destruction and pillage.
A small squad is dispatched on a reconnaissance mission, only to find that there is intelligent life on this world besides the feuding space-farers.
Will these improbably adorable and friendly equine aliens turn the damned warriors of Chaos from their blood-soaked path, cleansing them of their dark legacy with the magic of friendship and harmony?

No, that isn't happening.

(Dark humor warning; limited grimdark themes)
(Cover art by Nicholas Kay)
(This series now has its own TVtropes page!)
(This story is a contestant in the Tournament of Canterlot, a charity event to raise money for Syrian refugees! Go here for details and donations!)
(Featured on Equestria Daily 8/20/15 :yay: )

Chapters (8)

In response to threats of a griffon attack on Equestria, Twilight responds with a letter detailing just why such actions would prove unfavorable for them.

Chapters (2)

This story is a sequel to Of Solicitude

Ten years after a massive war, Equestria has changed. The Empire now rules over all, giving peace and prosperity to those that deserve it, but some are against this new rulership.
The CMC, a small, raggedy group of smugglers working for the Apple family, are caught red-hoofed by an Imperial patrol. As the friends fight for their lives, they learn about themselves, each other, and the world they now reside in.
Meanwhile, in Canterlot, Emperor Blueblood has amassed a massive fleet and is preparing to smash what is left of the rebellion under the oppressive hoof of his Empire.




Chapters (26)

After being driven out of Ponyville following the incident with the Ursa, The Great and Powerful Trixie flees into the Everfree forest, where she meets a mysterious masked stallion named Herald. Herald offers Trixie a chance to learn ancient magic that will truly make her the most powerful unicorn in Equestria, by offering her a book that not even Twilight Sparkle has ever read. But there is a reason Twilight's never read this book, and there is more to Herald than there appears...

(A Cthulhu Mythos crossover. Cover art by kirokokori. TVTropes page here, although I've no idea who started it, and was gobsmacked when somebody else told me http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/FanFic/TheStarsWillAidTheirEscape )

Chapters (22)
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