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After being driven out of Ponyville following the incident with the Ursa, The Great and Powerful Trixie flees into the Everfree forest, where she meets a mysterious masked stallion named Herald. Herald offers Trixie a chance to learn ancient magic that will truly make her the most powerful unicorn in Equestria, by offering her a book that not even Twilight Sparkle has ever read. But there is a reason Twilight's never read this book, and there is more to Herald than there appears...

(A Cthulhu Mythos crossover. Cover art by kirokokori. TVTropes page here, although I've no idea who started it, and was gobsmacked when somebody else told me http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/FanFic/TheStarsWillAidTheirEscape )

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Amused myself writing a short piece last night. It occurs to me I haven't written a fanfic in decades, but here you go. And what do I write? A MLP:FiM / Cthulhu Mythos cross over. Following on from the Boast Busters episode.

It's more an opening chapter than a complete fic, but I'm quite pleased with it. Feel free to suggest directions it can go from here - 'Herald''s meetings with the Princesses and the Mane Six are going to be interesting...

This is freaky. I just bought a copy of the Necronomcon from Goodwill today...Not that I practice Necromancy by any means, it was just on sale.

Anyway, this story shows to have a lot of promise, especially as the Necronomcon is in the hooves of somepony as conceited and selfish as Trixie. What does Harold want to do, destroy the universe as we know it? Let's just hope she doesn't summon Grogar from the fiery pits of Tartarus, or else a Faustian pact might be made.

*grins* Well, destruction of everything the ponies know will be the end result, unless they can find a way to stop him.

Which edition of the Necronomicon, btw? Simon, Chaosium, or Giger? 841708


Simon, I think. And I just had a thought. If Trixie ever summons Cthulhu to Equestria, his chaotic presence would most likely awaken Discord again.....I've just had a mental image of Discord annoying Cthulhu by braiding his tentacles....

Heh - various fan art to the contrary, I don't think even Pinkamena or Fluttershy are equipped to deal with the High Priest of the Star Spawn 844017

Interesting...Though I was kind of hoping for Trixie to figure out what she was getting into before she went mad, and spend the rest of the story trying to rid herself of the evil she has come to possess. But this looks like it could be just as good, as sooner or later she's going to go too far and summon something that she can't deal with.

Trixie was in over her head from the moment she started - but I hope you find where the story goes from here intriguing :) Needless to say, things are going to get much, much worse.

I'm kind of worried about Trixie at this point, mostly because this might happen to her. Though I wouldn't mind it happening to Herald, as he is probably an Eldrich abomination in pony form, and he is responsible for this, not to mention what he's going to do with the CMC.

894702 You're right to be worried.

A Vermicious Knid that only knows scram? Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator, right?

Anyway, it looks like things are getting worse, as Trixie has apparently summoned evil ents to destroy Ponyville. You know, I'm surprised they didn't think to set them on fire, especially since they have a baby dragon with them.

901597 Yup, Roald dahl alright :). re: fire - the flesh of the Dark Young is rubbery, not woody, plus the ponies are innocent enough that killing the things didn't even occur to them.

Methinks Mr. Herald won't be around too much longer once Rarity and Applejack find out what he's doing to the CMC. If Rarity was ready to take on several juvenile dragons to defend Spike, imagine what she'd do to protect her sister.

On a completely unrelated note, part of me wants to see Treebeard and his Ents take on the demonically possessed trees.

931097 Indeed, they're going to be a bit upset *evil grin*

Oh no...Trixie's already crazy? I was hoping she'd somehow redeem herself...Now I really hate Herald for what he's done.

Again, part of me is hoping that the princesses will unleash Discord upon the monsters...You know, fight Eldrich Abomination with Eldrich Abomination...Or even Grogar, from G1, who was a Giant Goat Necromancer (As well as being unspeakably badass).

And her real name is Beatrice? Wow...Beatrice...

935750 *grins* well, he's the best at what he does. re: Grogar - never actually seen any G1 stuff, although I have been amused by the various Smooze stories. 'For i Am A Jelly God' for example.

And Beatrice/Beatrix - either is the full version of Trixie :)


Ah. I'm actually writing something about Grogar right now, which is why I ask about him. Also, interesting thought about her full name being Beatrice. I always wondered if it was Patricia.

The way you wrote the last sentence made think that Trixie was Luna's daughter, is she?

Good story, by the way. Can't wait for more CMC destroying "everything they know and love.":pinkiecrazy:

938515 No, but I can see why the phrasing would make you think so. Alas, I don't think you're going to like how Herald intends to use the CMC - the story is labelled dark for a reason, and Herald is not a nice pony...

938307 Patricia could also have worked :)

You know, I wonder if Herald ever wondered about his 'Apprentice' turning on him at any point...Alas, that is the downfall of so many villains...

940962 I'd considered the possibility - Herald has of course included the possibility in his plans.

You know, I've been wondering this whole time why Herald can't use the book himself.

Other than that, I'm hoping that he gets a beating from Tartarus for everything he's done.

Kudos on not just using Shub-Niggurath, but getting her invocation right. I'm guessing that you've read The Moon-Lens by Campbell?

976391 You'll find out :)

976566 Indeed :) Although the bit quoted was used here as part of a lesser invocation :)

Ivory Tower? I'm guessing that he calls himself Herald now...

He must be pretty old for Luna to remember him. But of course, whatever drove him mad must be keeping him alive somehow. Or half alive, perhaps...

1050574 Interesting guess :)

Good chapter!
I hope your next update will be sooner. I can't wait to know what will happen!

I like the way you changed the name of the author of the book, it not only being a ponyfied version of the original. There is still an Arabian feel to it and I can't stop thinking about the tower of babel.

Also I really like this part:
"'And fret not about the eclipse. My sister and I will make sure this celebration will be remembered for another thousand years,"

It will be remembered but not for the reason they think!

1052810 *nods* I'm having great fun thinking up double meanings of dialogue, especially Herald's.

Sorry about the delay in updates, been a bit busy over here.

Wow, two chapters while I was gone... And both of them are awesome. You know, when Herald mentioned endless parties and song and dance, I was immediately drawn to remember that Eldritch is an old word meaning Elvish, as the Fairy folk often hold parties deep in their sacred groves. (Woe to mortals who crashed these parties, as they would return home to find a hundred years gone by.) Therefore, I was also drawn to remember that the rough equivalent for Equestria's Fairy folk are Changelings, which in turn lead me to think that they may be more powerful than we realize... :twilightoops:

Oh, and I hope Trixie comes in and beats the cosmological snot out of Herald, shouting something along these lines:


Well, if you think about it, she is famous if she's being chased by an angry mob. Just not the kind of fame she wanted.

1107880 *grins* Whilst I'd certainly considered the Changelings fae, I had the Court of Azathoth in mind - the endless insane dancing and monotonous flutes of the Lesser Outer Gods as they whirl around the Deamon Sultan Azathoth.

Oh...Oh dear... I am now forced to conclude that Herald will inevitably face the combined powers of all of Twilight's friends, who will unleash a monster-mamajam upon him. But no, seriously. They should break off his horn and use it to banish him.

And I know this is a horrible joke, but wasn't the thing that howled in Twilight a Werewolf who fought with a sparkling vampire?

Dash, I hope you were not innocently involved in the murder of three young fillies that died before getting their cutie marks..

1122020 Actually, it's a nod to the Lovecraft fragment "The Thing In Moonlight". And Herald doesn't have a horn

1123848 Well, you'll just have to wait until the next installment

August 20... I see what you did there.

I just wanted to say I'm thoroughly enjoying this story; I definitely look forward to each new chapter. I particularly like your portrayal of Nyarlathotep so far, and all the various nods and references to the mythos (the Azathoth's court ones with Pinkie Pie were really good, I got a laugh out of them, haha). I'm also really impressed with your ability to write the MLP cast. Everyone feels very in character, I can easily imagine their voices to the dialogue, especially Twilight and Pinkie.

If I can offer a tiny bit of criticism, some of Luna's old english-y speak seems a little off, I think you might be overusing 'thou' a bit, some of them could be replaced with 'thy' and her words would flow better. I think there's probably guides somewhere to help writing characters who speak like that. Also I've noticed a few spelling/grammar/left out word errors, so maybe go over things more carefully or have someone beta? That's not really a big deal though, just a tiny nitpick, haha. It's not enough that it's taking me out of the story or anything.

But yes, I'm very much enjoying this fic, it's really interesting, and a very well integrated crossover. I'm looking forward to seeing where else you'll go with it, and how the characters will interact, etc. I've actually been tempted to do some fanart. <:

1126237 Fan art? Please do!

Re: Luna's dialogue, thanks for the input there, it's been bugging me a bit too.

re: typos etc : yes, when i go back over it after writing it up, I do find lots of errors. Probably because I'm writing it on my PDA when I have a free moment at work, then posting it as soon as I've got a first draft ready. (oh, and predictive text is driving me up the bucking wall) Silly of me, I know, Do you know anybody that would like to beta it? I've sent it around to various friends for that purpose, but they don't editorialise, alas.

Thanks re: the rest of the dialogue, and Mythos kudos - I'm having a ball writing it :)

1126223 I did something? What did I do?


I've actually beta'd/edited for people before, so I could help, if you want. c:

1128205 ah, thought that was it - but pure coincidence that I got a chapter out then

1129063 sweet! I'll email you the next chapter when it's ready to go then?


Sure, my email is just kirokokori@live.com. < :

1131207 right, mail sent - also note - d'oh

Thanks to kirokokori for beta'ing this chapter :)

:applecry: I am sad for everypony...Even Trixie...

:flutterrage: HERALD MUST DIE!

1150946 Good :) It would appear my story is working then :)

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