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Autumn Mist is not your average twelve-year-old unicorn. She has recently been accepted into the most advanced magic school in Equestria, located in Littlehorn Valley.

Misty's thoughts are on an Equestrian hero this day. She shares with her friends her own hopes and dreams of one day being just like her idol. As doubt creeps into her mind, Misty must reconsider her concept of what being a hero truly means.

When tragedy strikes at the school, how will this affect Misty’s view of her heroine? Is a pony still a hero even if they can’t be there to save everyone?

Editing and review credit goes to my development team:
Pawz, onlyanorthernsong, DuvetofReason, TundraStanza

Last-minute feedback credit goes to:
Windmill 7, Between Lines, Bad Dragon, PrinceUniversa, Jordan179, and Fervidor.

Original credit for Nyx and the Littlehorn event itself go to Pen Stroke and Kkat respectively.

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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PXcoM_AHuk8 (Use this link if you feel extra nerdy.)
Since Emperor Palpatine--now revealed to be the the evil Darth Sidious--took control of the senate, he has begun a brutal occupation of every planet in the known galaxy. During one such occupation the Galactic Empire has unknowingly stumbled upon the world of Equestria, and is now about to take control of it as they have done with every other system. The Emperor is about to send a small fleet of to the planet to subjugate it's inhabitants. Little does the Empire know, a group of renegade clone troopers, led by Commander Maverick, and Jedi Knight Kal Nevaar, are in hiding on the planet. These renegades may need to enlist the help of the locals if the they wish to survive...

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I am Starlight Glimmer. I used to guide an isolated village up north in equality and enlightenment. That was until the ungrateful denizens betrayed me. I had to flee their unrighteous anger and hide into the mountains.

That was not so long ago. I now sit here in front of a Ponyville school, waiting, watching, praying, and planning. I have no power, no allies, and certainly no friends. That is going to change.
Equestria Daily's WTG "Cutie Map" entry!

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The fillies Celestia and Luna proclaim war on each other, and prepare for a battle of stuffed animals, plastic toys and their over active imaginations.

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