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I am a Christian anime artist who likes to watch/ doodle cute talking candy colored horses

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In the dark forests of Tramplevania dwells a coven of vampires, led by a deadly draconequus named Discord. For many years, his only interests have been in his own survival, until he stumbles upon a beautiful mare with a heart pure enough to care for a monster like him.

Music to listen to.

Cover Art by IduChan

Alternate Cover Art

More fanart by Whiteheart7

AJ Pony's review

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Displaced Story

I am Laharl and I am stuck in a museum in Canterlot…as a statue. It has been an eternity since I was turned into stone. Fully conscious to endure the mockery of these pony abominations. But I’m not imprisoned anymore. I managed to break out. You DON’T want to know how. I shudder at the memory.

But however…now behold, because the great and powerful Laharl is back! I’m going to build an army and free the one being in this world I trust the most. Afterwards I will crush the ones who imprisoned me.

Though I have to admit, that I was weakened through my imprisonment, which makes defeating the two sisters a real challenge. Or more of, I have to gather my strength first, before I can strike. They may be lucky for now, but I swear that I will get my revenge.

Hmhmhm… Haaahahahaha!!!!!

Yeah, this is a displaced story. The character has just gone crazy and thinks he is Laharl himself! :twilightsheepish:

Cover art by myself. You could call it the usual, since it consists of two pictures chopped together to one. I'm just taking the easy way here.

Crossover: Disgaea

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Celestia always protected Equestria, she was the immortal ruler of the greatest nation ever to exist. Her ponies adored her for spending gracious light and the other nations feared the unknown powers that may lie behind her tender smile.

All of Equestria thought it would become a new golden age after the return of the princess of the night, but it was only the calm before the storm.

Chrysalis, the queen of the changelings, managed to put a crack in the picture of the impregnable Celestia. And naturally, when there is blood in the water, the sharks will come.

Tirek was only the first to challenge the rule of the two sisters. And now, with the elements of Harmony gone, Equestria is weaker than ever before.

A storm is about to befall the land and every pony must unleash all its strength if they want to last. After one millennium of peace, ponies must go to war.

Special Thanks to Basic Information for giving me his honest thoughts on what I write. And thanks for taking care of the Apple's accent, I'm no good with that. ^^

On hiatus until further notice

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