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I'm... not sure what happened. I remember the unicorn guy, what was his name? Starmswill the Tearded? I don't know, names are kinda off for me right now. So anyway, there I was with this unicorn then, BOOM! I found myself in the middle of his laboratory, albeit ruined.

Bit strange, isn't it?

So I started to walk, following this odd looking stripey thing, and found this cute little town. Seriously, it's utterly adorable.

And that's when I saw her, the lovely Celestia... ah, it sends my gears a flutter! Although I don't know who the blue alicorn is... or the lavender one... wait, I don't know anyone here apart from Celestia!

Thanks to Infinite Carnage for pre-reading and Draconian Soul with help on Zecora. Go check out their stuff! Cover art was done by myself.

Chapters (15)

Reader, in ancient days, the old lords of the world numbered in thousands. Then hundreds. Then even less.
Now, they are found only in tapestries and fanciful ballads.
The creatures are all vanished. All but one.

Rumors say there are more of him, somewhere far away. A young and supposedly gifted mage called Star Swirl, and Heartstrings, a gentle spinster, have joined him on a journey to find the rest.

Featured in The Royal Guard's Fic Spotlight #5
TV Tropes page (that could use more love)

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Ocellus grew up in a dark cave all he life with nothing but natural bioluminescence of the hive's glowing fungi. Now that she is enrolled in Twilight's school of friendship, she had discovered a brand new form of light.


They are really pretty too....

Written as part of the The Discovery Contest.

Not expecting a win, but at least give me a participation ribbon, come on guys.

Featured 1/30/20, and is my first feature XD

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Click this to read about the hiatus.

We’ve all had nightmares, but do any of us actually know where they come from?

What if, one day, you woke up as the embodiment of nightmares themselves?

In an alley one night, Joseph gets fatally injured after saving a woman from her terrifying nightmares.

He wakes up somehow, but he quickly finds out that he isn’t in his own body. Instead, he wakes up in the body of one of Equestria's most infamous villains.

Joseph must adapt to a world completely alien to him, as well as adjusting to his new body while trying to figure out what, or who he is.

Featured 13/08 & 14/08/14
Update Feature: 4/10/15, 01/06/16, 17/8/16, 4/12/16, 30/1/17

'Sex' tag added for strong cases of innuendo.
'Dark' tag because this fic deals with morose themes.

Edited and proofread by:
Blue Blaze {COMET}
The Abyss
Twisted Code
Waffle God
Arcane Spirit
Updated as people help. Includes one-time favours and single chapters.

A/N: Tags will be updated as necessary. Constructive criticism and ego stroking are both welcome. Set both in a world where MLP doesn't exist, and after the events of first two episodes of season one. A show-accurate period of events is not likely.

Chapters (23)

Given a unique perspective on negative emotion, less than a foal's knowledge of ordinary magic, a healthy schadenfreude, and danger bearing down on all sides, the self-proclaimed "Weiss Noir" makes no plans accounting for his death, and plans to keep it that way, even after being torn away from earth, turned into a unicorn, and dumped into one of the most inhospitable locations and times in all of Equestria.

Stranded in the Frozen North, a place where biting cold ends lives, and one thousand years in the past, in a time when peril is the norm, rather than the exception, Weiss decides to indulge in sorcery most foul, stolen ideas, and human ingenuity to survive.

Given the choice between a mad slaver and a mad sage, however, there is no avoiding an inevitable tide of ponies escaping the conquered Crystal Empire to bask in the warmth of his well-stoked hate. Something which draws attention, enemies, and most worryingly, the rivalry of his "peers".

(Now Crossposted on Ao3)

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Mere days before Twilight Sparkle's coronation as the sole leader of Equestria, Princess Celestia invites an old friend to help her answer a question: How did I do?

Cover art: Celestia Studying, by buttercupsaiyan

Thanks to Noble Thought for editing.

Chapters (1)

The Castle of the Two Sisters has a long history, dating back to Equestria's early beginnings. Back when Star Swirl still taught the ponies who would become the future rulers of Equestria.

In the present day, Star Swirl's research into dimensional theory has created connections between two worlds, and even helped facilitate cross-dimensional friendships.

But not all of his experiments were recovered or even recorded. And not all of them were considered dangerous enough to be destroyed.

[Human-kitsune transformation]

Chapters (10)

Aelion, home of the Immortals, those chosen few whose eternal life allows them to stand in defense of their world no matter how many times their enemies strike them down. Up until about five seconds ago, I was not one of them. Now I'm standing outside of some crumbling castle under the light of a total eclipse with only the voice in my head of the being that stuck me here to tell me what the **** is going on.

Leere's to-do list (for me):
1. Go into castle.
2. Help those inside.
3. Drive off impending invasion from The Reapers of Death.

...I think he missed a few steps.

A.N.: This is not Chess Game of the Gods or Displaced. Crossover with Skyforge the MMO. Kudos if you can figure out where the name George Someone comes from. Featured 1/6/2016.

Chapters (6)

You are a God. Or, a Godling, rather. Young and new to the world, you watch as the creatures cry out for help and salvation from the merciless cold of the Windego. Who will you pick, who will you become? A benevolent divinity, a cruel tyrant, or one of the many lost to the passage of history?

Only time will tell.

A second-person POV story where the viewers vote at the end of each chapter to decide what choices are ultimately made, for good or for ill. Short chapters with weekly updates.

Chapters (8)

Now with a dramatic reading by AShadowOfCygnus!

The name that makes ponies everywhere tremble.
The name that is the definition of cruelty.
The name that strikes fear into the hearts of all that hear it.
And that's really all that anypony can say. Ponies everywhere wonder what really goes on inside the head of the legendary crystal tyrant. What dreams and thoughts of malice could possibly sustain such cruelty?

What actually goes on inside Sombra's head might surprise everypony...

A big thanks to the amazing Mickeymonster for letting me use the cover art. Check it out here!

Chapters (1)
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