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    M/M Shipping Contest! 16 Sep - 11 Nov 2021


    Hello friends!

    It's time to show some love to the many wonderful male characters we have seen throughout the run of our beloved show, and the G5 movie! And what's the best way to do this? By getting them onboard the S.S. Romance, of course!

    So welcome, one and all, to the M/M Shipping Contest! Before November 11, 8PM EDT, your only duty is to take two (or more!) of your favorite stallions (or drakes, or dudes of any species!) to Shiptown. Maybe they're falling in love? Maybe they're saving the world together? Maybe they're facing a tragic separation? In all the forms a story about the love between stallions can take, we are here to celebrate it together.

    Oh, and there are a bunch of prizes, too!

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    21 comments · 1,647 views
  • 4 weeks
    Contest: Generation 5 Bingo Contest!

    As the new generation approaches, some things stay the same. Like contests. Check this one out!

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    45 comments · 3,139 views
  • 12 weeks
    StarTrixMaud Shipping Contest! 24 July - 31 August 2021

    We’ve got another live one, folks! ‘Tis the season for competition!

    source: dmann892


    Hello, friends!

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    37 comments · 7,950 views
  • 12 weeks
    Cozy Glow Short Story Contest!

    Here’s another contest about everyone’s favorite filly.

    Unless you like Twist or something.

    Greetings! Following the success of the 2020 Cozy Glow Short Story Contest, the Cozy Glow group is happy to announce a new contest for 2021. That so many writers and readers take joy in and adore our precocious Pegasus is not a surprise; rather it’s the lack of canon material released in the interim devoted to this precious, fragile life (given, as we know, such short shrift by the professed “Guardians of Harmony”) that is unexpected.

    And so, please join us once again as we address this disturbing gap in the storyline by celebrating the ambition, courage, and charismatic leadership of the best of all possible fillies, Cozy Glow!

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  • 14 weeks
    The Pillars Shipping Contest

    Source: SkullJooce

    Despite being some of the canonically oldest characters in Friendship Is Magic, there is strangely a lack of stories featuring these characters and romantic endeavors. I believe it’s time to change that! 

    (Me and the gang when we found out there’s barely any shipping material for the Pillars)

    From July 1st to August 1st, I (The Red Parade) will be hosting the Pillars Shipping Contest! 

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  • 20 weeks
    The My Little Pony Renaissance Contest


    Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to one of the final grand acts of My Little Pony Generation 4. Generation 5 Is scheduled to be released this coming September 2021 and in order to get ready I (Dezmo) have decided to host a major writing contest in the spirit of the upcoming change in the show.


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  • 23 weeks
    May 2021 Pairing Contest

    It's May! You know what that means, right?

    Welcome to the May 2021 Pairing Contest!

    The May Pairing Contest? What's that?

    If you've been on fimfiction for more than two days, you've probably noticed that the characters you see used in stories are typically only used with each other (for instance, the mane 6 plus Anon, Vinyl Scratch x Octavia, Derpy Hooves and Dr. Hooves, etc.) The May Pairing Contest is a competition to see who can write the best content by using two characters who we rarely see interact with each other. It's basically a fun way to get your creativity out and discover what would happen if two ponies who never get stories with each other (such as Princess Cadence and Fleur De Lis) just happened to be involved in the same plot!

    So what are the rules?

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  • 28 weeks
    Friendship is Optimal Writing Contest

    Contest By: GaPJaxie, Cold in Gardez, and Skywriter

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  • 58 weeks
    A Most Delightful Ponidox

    Contest by: FanOfMostEverything

    Ever since Equestria Girls established that parallel universes are very much a thing in this setting, I’ve loved having different versions of the same person interact. There are only a few hundred stories out of more than a hundred thousand on the site devoted to that. Those are, in the words of Mark Hanna, rookie numbers. Let’s go bump those numbers up.

    The prompt for this one is simple: Two or more distinct instances of the same person have to interact. Whether it’s double Rainbows racing like Superman and the Flash, two Sombras going to war against one another, or just a blessing of Sunsets in the Isekai.

    Word limit: 15,000 or fewer.
    Rating limit: Everyone or Teen

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  • 62 weeks
    AppleDash Warm and Fuzzy Feelings Event

    A lot of us have been stuck inside for the better part of the year, and might need a little bit of a pick-me-up. That's why this event has one, simple mission:

    Bring a little warmth and happiness to someone's day!

    During the month of August, each person who writes an AppleDash (romance or friendshipping) story full of the warm-and-fuzzies and publishes it to FIMFiction will receive $15! It's that simple! This is not a contest and there’s no judging involved!

    Beyond that, there's no prompt, so feel free to write a grand adventure, cute romance, captivating mystery, or whatever else your heart desires!

    In a nutshell: someone should be able to read your story and walk away feeling better about their day.

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Competition » Sunset Shimmer x Sunset Shimmer Contest (October 1, 2021 to October 28, 2021.) · 1:56am October 2nd

We have another contest down the barrel! And it’s some very curious shipping!

(by nendo)

Story Theme

It is about time that Sunset Shimmer gets shipped with the most compelling and complex Equestria Girls villain of all: Sunset Shimmer! That’s right! This is a Sunset Shimmer x Sunset Shimmer Shipping Contest!

What? But How Does That Work?

In so many ways! Just off the top of my head:

  • Sunset’s originally-human counterpart!
  • Sunset’s demon form as a separate character from her, somehow!
  • Time travel!
  • Magic cloning!
  • Alternate timelines!
  • Changelings!

Or think of your own, even better way!

Additional Rules

Stories should be first posted/published between today (October 1st, 2021) and October 28th, 2021. Time zone: United States, Eastern.

Stories are suggested to be less than 5000 words. Stories above 5000 words may be submitted, but judges are allowed to stop reading at 5000 words if it does not catch their interest.

Stories should be E or T rated. SFW only!

We have created a folder in this group for you to put your stories in BEFORE THE DEADLINE.

If this is your first story ever on and you’re having trouble publishing it on this website, please send a link with view password to both Bicyclette and to Reactception. Email us if you have questions about this.

Please include a link to the contest in your story description.

The Prizes

1st Place:

  • The story will be on the page description for two weeks, and the winner will get to choose the next Sunset x EG Villain competition (can’t be the same one). If they want to, they can co-judge for that competition. But if they don’t want to co-judge, they can of course compete again.
  • Bicyclette will give them $40 by Paypal. (Note: This is a one-time donation by Bicyclette, and does not apply to future contests.)

2nd Place:

  • The story will get an honorable mention on the group description.
  • The winner will get a review of one of their stories (their choice) by Reactception.
  • Bicyclette will give them $20 by Paypal. (Note: This is a one-time donation by Bicyclette, and does not apply to future contests.)

3rd Place:

  • The story submitted will be reviewed by Reactception.

Now let’s see how curious your shipping can get!

Comments ( 38 )

Well this seems ripe for shenanigans.

WozWuzHere #2 · 2 weeks ago · · 1 ·

Sunset x Sunset is one thing, but if there's any self-ship that needs doing, it's Trixie x Trixie.

That would write itself.

Josiador #3 · 2 weeks ago · · 1 ·

This raises all sorts of mildly uncomfortable questions, especially all of the ideas besides maybe the first one, but the more I think about it the more I think I like it. I look forward to seeing the stories this inspires.

i do look forward to both the shenanigans and the chicanery that i hope arise

it really would! i was sold on Trixie x Trixie ever since reading:

ELove Is for Squares
Trixie's had a bad string of luck with love lately. Starlight hopes this means she'll finally get a chance to be with her. She's wrong. So, so wrong. Because the one Trixie becomes enamored with? It's herself.
Dewdrops on the Grass · 6.2k words  ·  35  3 · 531 views

and if this were a Trixie x Equestria Villain Shipping Contest i definitely would have gone for that

oh yes, though wacky comedy is definitely one way to take this premise, i do hope to get some serious works that tackle uncomfortable themes like continuity of identity, the boundaries of the self, and the gulf of the incommunicable that even exists between lifelong romantic partners

KwirkyJ #5 · 2 weeks ago · · 1 ·

Roses are red
We're all kinds of sick
Stayed for the contest
But came for the pic

Ice Star #6 · 2 weeks ago · · 2 ·

If at least 80% of entries don't have pun titles, I will be displeased.

Posh #7 · 2 weeks ago · · 2 ·

I’m a little confused by the current rules for the site advertising writing competitions. When the coterie of non-heterosexuals who hosted the SunFlower contest (with whom I am affiliated) ran theirs/ours, we were told that, as first-time contest hosts, we weren’t eligible for a site endorsement. These last few months, though, a lot of contests have been advertised that, following that same logic, shouldn’t have been eligible for this kind of advertising.

Does a person just... need to ask for a site post to get their contest advertised now?

Also, haven’t these sorts of posts always been WandererD’s department?

5000 words or less? That has to be the shortest I've ever seen for a contest.

Short stories then it is!

if you read between the lines it's more ">5kw is okay if it's good"
oh i hope ppl come up with good titles

why... just why.

Story idea: "This ship writes herself"
Sunset writes fanfiction about an idealized version of herself who doesn't screw up and put her friends and her town in danger every other week. Then that fictional Sunset comes to life (because "magic lmao idk", to use professional jargon) and it turns out that even an idealized fictional version of her can't escape the crippling self-doubt of her tragic backstory and thinks that the real Sunset is the better version of them who has all her shit together. So now the two of them help each other accept their flaws and recognize their strengths. Which is not exclusively but primarily code for having a narcissistic streak and being darn good-looking.

(Probably not gonna actually write that one so if anyone else thinks they can do it justice knock yourself out)

Majin Syeekoh

Each contest that has gotten a site post has had judges that have had previous experience hosting a successful contest. I can pull up referrals, if you’d like.

And any moderator can post a contest site post, as evidenced by previous postings.

I just happen to be the moderator that people are asking about site posts.

Excuse you, but if we're going to bring in that tag, at least call it Suncest. This is Basic Punning 101, if you haven't finished that class yet please review the course material before you write (happy) pony romance.

The Suncest ship is between Sunburst and Stellar Flare.
Even a cursory search on Derpibooru could tell you that.
Careful shipping, fren.

I don't make the rules.

For some reason I thought you would do your own contest...

I saw a contest with a 4000 character limit. It was... something

Oooh, a story for Bacon month!? I can do this.

This sounds better as friendshipping.

Because if I had a ponyself that somehow came to Earth...

My first thought wouldn't be self-ship, my first thought would be How did you get here and how can I visit?!

The whole basic premise of the idea was that the second Sunset is a fictional character written as a self-insert of the pony Sunset. It's even in the title. How did you miss that?

There's a lot of possible pitfalls to the romance in any story in this contest but the second Sunset from my story being too distracted by questions about the person who is the template of her own being and the source of her entire knowledge is probably the least likely one.

Posh #22 · 2 weeks ago · · 1 ·

5590469 My understanding was that advertising was contingent on the contest’s host having prior experience running contests, and proof of payouts to contest winners, rather than the contest just having a judge on hand with prior contest experience.

Am I mistaken, or has there been a change to the rules?

That Twilight gif is probably the best reaction gif I've ever seen.

Sunset Shimmer x Sunset Shimmer is Summer. And (for those of us in the northern hemisphere) we're heading into fall. Just thought I'd point that out.

I'm okay with this contest. It's honestly the most interesting thing for Sunset. I'm probably not gonna write anything for it, but I'd love to read the stories.

And I just had an idea.

Guess Sunset is getting set more time

Just to be clear, this is a romance contest, correct?

Because I'm having a bit of a time wrapping my head around such a situation in which someone would go: "Hey, I'm you. You wanna date?"

I hate that I like this concept so much

Good ol' Selfcest huh?
This shall be some fun Double Sunset shenanigans

I think there one or two. None really long for sunset×sunset. Cadence×sunset has 2 or so as well. But at least one Is epic length. Twin twilight tales. Great story.

Majin Syeekoh

You can ask for a site post if at least one of the judges on hand has prior contest experience, yes.

I wonder if the Angelic Daydream Shimmer can get involved.

I wrote a story for your contest. How do I put it in your folder? My story is called "Help from a Daydream".

Here comes the sun doo doo doo dooo imaflaminghomosexual

Sun of a bitch

I don't think I will be doing the competition, but i like the picture :twilightsmile:

Love the pic of Sunset.

this is precisely the reaction i wanted with the concept, so thank you for telling me!
friendshipping is allowed by precedent, so no, not exclusively, though it is encouraged
i somehow forgot to reply to this but i absolutely adore this concept and i really hope somebody does write it!

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