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Goodbye · 8:46am Jul 17th, 2019

This, until further notice, is my final blog post for FIMFiction.

I made this account here five years ago, starting it rather inauspiciously with album reviews, television show discussions, political posts, and other minor things that went little seen in these parts. I later grew it with a series of kinships I made with some truly great people here. Perhaps my most active period on this website was between the summer of 2016 and around the same time in 2018, when I was posting a series of successful posts here and conversing regularly with people often featured in them, such as Thunderbolt Sentinel, Keam, LightningSword, Vanilla Mocha, Red the Mel, SudokuBrony, DerpyMuffin7 (as that user was known way back when), Quillian Inkheart, The Blue EM2, ponybird21, The Crazy Cazadore, Phoenix Heart 20, EchoWing, Valiant Charge, Crystal_Harmony, Galaxy Nebula, wiccanminnesota, LyraAlluse and so many others the space would probably not allow me to print here. I even became the admin of the Society of Mildly Annoyed Liberals group.

I don't want to paint a completely rosy picture of my time on the website. I don't have a reason to, some might argue, because there were groups such as Babs Seed, The Babs Seed Fan Club, The Insane Writer's Guild (now defunct), and Humans Aren't Bastards on which I often posted things that I regret so heavily now that they serve as the primary reason why I'm calling out people posting similar crap today. For all the nice people I had kinships with, I also had my dealings with pretty nasty people who I feel are not worth mentioning here. I could also argue that TwistedCupcake has brought back to this website horrible memories of how I used to come across on here. But whenever I was in trouble, I could rely on a true savior of my life here, HopeForTheFew, to help me through it.

With that being said, after around the fall of 2017, my time on this website slowly began to dwindle. There are a number of reasons for the decline of my tenure here:

  • I developed a new series addiction, leaving the land of Equestria for the small American town of Royal Woods, Michigan and never looking back, it seems. Early in the days when I was in the new show's fandom, I even posted the stuff from the series set in the latter town, The Loud House, on this very website. This series ended up taking my time away from My Little Pony (to the point where I STILL haven't seen the film version of the show, even when I checked it out of my local library), and I recall seeing only one episode (I believe Rainbow Dash and Rarity were in it) for the entire calendar year of 2018. (I did watch the series finale of Friendship is Magic on demand . . . for a few seconds.) I do want to say that I wish the fifth generation of My Little Pony well.
  • After getting terminated from Facebook, I made a Twitter account, which ultimately joined YouTube (once I got the opportunity to post videos longer than fifteen minutes) in drawing the biggest attention away from this site from me. My tenure on FIMFiction also spawned a DeviantArt account, which is currently inactive. I also formed an account on archive.org during my time here.
  • I went from Windows XP (which I used at the start of this account's existence) to Windows 7 (which I used for most of my active years here) and ultimately to Windows 10 (when my account activity here decreased further; my last edits to the Society of Mildly Annoyed Liberals group were done way back in March).
  • The linkage of my Twitter account to TwitLonger, which made this account rather useless to me.

That being said, there were plenty of moments on this website where I enjoyed myself, and I am going to miss them. I, as well, am going to miss the people I named in this post dearly. Someday, when I get around to it, I will make my return to this website. As I will precisely note, however, this is the 1,463rd and final post I will be doing on this account. My work here is done. I really do feel it is time to pack up my bags and leave. I would like to thank those who welcomed me into their smartphones, their computers, and their tablets during the past five years that I have been here, and I hope to see them again wherever they may go. Until then, I bid you my final farewell.

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Bye dude or dudet have a great life and Take care. Signd S.E~

Take care. I hope you have a good journey!

Farewell. I wish you good coal, clean water, and smooth rails wherever you go next.

Good luck on whatever life takes you. We'll miss you.

Well, on behalf of the 5 lovely years we've known each other, I wish you well and understand that you've simply come to your time of end. Farewell my friend
-PH 20 (a.k.a AlphaWolf97100)

All the best, good sir.

We'll miss you lots. I'll never forget you, hon. :twilightsmile:

Take care of yourself, stay safe.

Take care of yourself. May you find yourself in far better company than you had here. :ajsleepy:

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