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MLP Series Finale · 4:36pm Last Monday

When MLP FIM ends this year the fandom will die with it and that's the saddest part

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Your Stories are rotten anal diarrhea shooting out of a roadkill skunk covered in cholera blood vomit

2698098 Lol sorry for not saying anything before I changed my name. Thanks

:pinkiegasp: You're still here, but under a different name! :yay:

I realised I hadn't seen any Evictus stories pop up in a while, so I tried searching for that username and couldn't find you. I was worried you'd disappeared. Really glad to see you're still about :twilightsmile:

And congratulations on passing 400 stories, that's huge! :pinkiehappy:

Goddammit, don't be sorry, be better! Take your time! Actually put some thought and development into what you write!

There's not really anything to be sorry for. Nobody tries to be bad at writing. Well, I guess trolls do, but most people don't. Never feel bad when you try your hardest but don't succeed.

Well when a story's rating is as deep in red as your's, then chances are you're doing something wrong.

Are you trolling? I don't mean any offense by this because I respect your passion to write stories to be read by others, and let me tell you, it an INSANE amount of bravery to take something you made, and post it on the internet and be seen by others. but I very rarely see an author get so many dislikes on their stories and comments.

I just learned that you accidentally broke the site's record for the most stories written by a single author.

2692344 Thanks for the advice

If I can give a piece of advice for writing better, don't upload a story every 1, 2 or 3 days. I know you might be really eager to show the world what you've created, but doing that shows that you don't give a flying fuck about quality. I'm not saying that I want stories to be scarce, well I guess I kind of am, but what I would recommend is you upload a story every week or so, or even longer. During that you can spend time to fix some mistakes in your writing to make it better in the end.

Another thing I would recommend is that you make stories with more than one chapter. That and you make those chapters longer than just slightly more than 1,000 words. I'd say put at least over 2,000 words in it and at least 3 chapters. But don't end up making every chapter over 10,000 words because that will just make things boring. Instead make it about 3,000, 4,000, 5,000 or 6,000 words.

Something else I would recommend doing is trying to carefully explain what's going on. I don't mean just say that a character goes and does something, actually explain why that character does that and how they do it. It's far more interesting to know why characters do things that to know what it is they do. Explain why characters do things and why it's important. Just a small little thing to add here, make sure there is a connection between the characters, what's going on and why.

If there's anything a good story needs, it's polish. Don't just immediately post a story before you read it. It will probably be infested with missing capitalization, punctuation, and have spelling errors everywhere. I would recommend that you read your story at least once and fix the mistakes you've spotted before posting it. Reading it out loud helps too. If you read it twice to check for errors that's even better. You could even search for a proofreader to point out some of the mistakes and maybe even help you out in other areas of the story.

Now I don't want this comment to come off as me telling you that you should give up on reading and writing, this hobby we all enjoy. I wrote this so that you could learn a few tips on how to improve. I want you to get better. Which is why I wrote this very long comment.

Thank you for reading my comment.

  • Viewing 1,411 - 1,430 of 1,430
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