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Hope You All Had A Good Thanksgiving · 1:46am Last Thursday

I enjoyed my thanksgiving and I hope you guys did to. I haven't posted in a while. I was just watching MLP clips lol

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2836829 Everything is fine i just havent been in the fandom lately

Hey, I know you're not writing as much at the moment, but I hope everything's ok with you :twilightsmile:

2815703 Yes ive made several that have more likes than dislikes

Um.......has this guy ever made a story that has more likes then dislikes?

2776989 Im sorry. Next story im going to have a really good edits on it

Nah, I've seen him write at least 100 of these stories that I personally didn't enjoy. I almost wanna believe he's a troll even though he won't admit it because he keeps making the same mistakes over and over no matter how many times people bring them up.

Hey look at this video of a probe entering Titan

2736199 Yes I did. Its Hikari from Amanchu! :)

I see you changed your profile picture :3

I have no idea why people don't like you. I mean you might not be the best at writing or even close to the best, but you don't act like a complete degenerate piece of shit. I'd much rather be around an incompetent writer who's nice than a competent writer who's mean.

  • Viewing 1,434 - 1,453 of 1,453
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