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Shiny and New! + Sisters Doo? · 9:40pm Jun 8th, 2017

Wow, Fimfiction looks cool! Good job, Knighty!

Hi, Wonderfolk! It’s been a while. Just dropping in to say how’d’y’do? Hope all’s well, and that those of you who follow this monstrosity are enjoying its return. I’m afraid I am not among you (for now), but I imagine it’s an exciting time for j00rers.

What have I been up to, you may ask? Well, not much, really. I was working really hard on a mostly-non-pony-writing-project for a while, but I’m taking a break from that because it’s taxing. I want it to be really good and life is a little too noisy. But not noisy enough to stop me from reading my own work from 2012!

I recently finished binge-ing both Sisters Doo and Looking-glass. It’s been five years since those went up, and reading them now is a strange and delightful experience.

I surprised myself a lot, which I guess is good. Like, I didn’t remember a lot of the story, and it was as if I was reading fiction penned by a separate soul. I found a lot to be proud of: like, for example, I was really, really good at dialogue. I also found a lot to learn from: pacing often suffers, plot holes happen, unnecessary meta-apologies abound, and -- especially in Sisters Doo -- it just feels like it could have been so much better with a little more time and little more experience.

But that’s okay. I’m glad I wrote it. Sisters Doo is and will always be very important to me.

And Looking-glass? Sweet Jewish superheroes and ninjas, that’s a good’n. I do not hesitate to say that is the best thing I have ever written. Its seamless intertwining of MLP and Lewis Carroll blows my own mind, and when Bluish starts to talk in rhyme... holy crap! How did I do that!?

Anyway, enough praise for my five-years-ago self. There’s a reason I’m here today, after all.

I am very, very outside of Fimfiction circles at this point. I know nothing about what’s going on or what’s popular or if people even read ponywords anymore. So I want to ask you, the most loyal of Wonderfolk who have been around for so long and still read my sporadic blogs... if I wrote the rest of what I had planned for the Sisters Doo mythos back in 2012, would any of you be interested in reading it?

I can’t promise this will happen, or that it would be a swift process. But I did notice that finishing Mantles made my mostly-non-pony-writing-project much easier and more fun to write. Like, somehow, writing Fanfiction charged my regularfiction battery, if that makes any sense. After reading TSD and Looking-glass again after so long, all of my old ideas for its continuation are resurfacing from the frigid oceans of my imagination and I have this weird desire to finish it.

Following the original plans, there would be three Sisters Doo stories focused on the Sisters themselves (Ditzy and Daring), and then three accompanying side stories focusing on Pinkie and Twilight (Looking-glass), the Cutie Mark Crusaders (Honorary Cutie Mark Crusader), and... uhhh, a story set in the more distant past (to avoid spoilers). So a total of 6. Of which 2 are currently written and 1 is very well planned out.

Sorry, I’m writing more than I meant to at this point. All I want to know is, is there still any interest all these years later to read the remainder of the Sisters Doo story Ponky originally planned? I may or may not write the rest regardless of your answers, but I wanted to ask anyway and offer you a digital smile. Here it is. Pretend you can hear it my voice.

Thanks for everything, Wonderfolk,
Wonder Woman Ponky

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Comments ( 36 )

Absolutely, keep on writing horsewords if you still enjoy it.

I’d be down for reading what else you had planned out. I loved reading your stories back in the day. I haven’t been reading much pony fiction these days, but I definitely try to read whatever stories you might end up writing out of this. :derpytongue2:

As if no is even a reasonable answer, Ponky. Of course!

Yes! Most emphatically, yes. Sisters Doo was why I followed you to begin, having found it and Looking-glass just a couple of months before you went off on your mission. I hoped you'd return to that particular batch of horsewords when you came back from that, but then you did come back and announced that you weren't really feeling the pony any more. So I gave it up.

Then you turned around and told us that, on account of us being such fans, you'd sort of lurk in the shadows, maybe do some horsewords here and there, as you felt it. And I faintly hoped that those horsewords would be for some SD followups.

So if you do decide on this, I just know that there are a number of people--maybe those following you, for example :raritywink:--who'd be all sorts of happy to see this happen.

I’ve been waiting patiently for more in the vein of Sisters Doo and Looking GLass. It’s why I started following you.

Wow, The Sisters Doo, that’s one hell of a nostalgia trip. One of the first stories I read here. If you wrote more, I’d love to read it!

Yes, of course! How could you even doubt that we, your loyal fans, would not want to read another Sisters Doo story. I do hope you have the inclination to do so!

I can’t imagine more Ponky being a bad thing.

I would be more than happy to see a continuation to Sisters Doo if you're still happy to write it. The story may have had its flaws, sure, but I still consider it an amazing piece of fanfiction; one of the best I've read. I'd love to see where Ditzy and Daring's adventures take them next. And don't worry about the upload pace; I can definitely be patient.

I’m afraid I am not among you (for now)

J͏͈͞O͓̟̤̲͕͠O̰̲͎̻̱̗̜̣̙O͏̭͖̹O̗̻̳̖̜͚͢Ḭ̢̱̥̻̰͚ͅI̛̞͙̰͕Į̠͖͈͢Í̵͈̟͍̥͚ͅǸ͓̯͈͚̹̱̖͝͞ ̶̰͠͝ ̴̠̤̰̟̙̗̕U̶̧̻̮Ù͉U̸͈͠U̖͔͕U͔͕̣̤͟U̢͙̟S̛̛͙͍̠̼̫͓͡S͚͇̥̫S̛̝̞͖̹͟͡

I would be 100% down for more Sisters Doo stuff. And more My Little Xyloto, it’s really a shame that the lyrics rule stopped completion.

Sisters Doo was one of the first fanfics I ever read, and still one of my favorites. I’d gladly read more.

I'd give it a shot and a half.

YES!, TSD and TTLGAWPFT are amazing and I'd love to see continuations of them. Also, use horsewords of you wanna, no one's gonna stop you. They're fun too. And more Ponky is never a bad thing.

Even though I only read those two fics in the last year, I loved both of them and I would love to see more in that universe. Those interpretations of the characters were so warm and inviting.

Absolutely! Getting to see more pony would be lovely, though just seeing you online more would be nice too. n_n

The Sisters Doo introduced me to Fimfiction...

A good story leaves the reader asking “and then what happened?” To actually find out would be amazing.



That reminds me, I never got around to reading Looking Glass. I should do that.

You’re not weird. Okay, you are. But so am I. I occasionally go back and read my old stuff, just to see what I would change if I was writing it today. It does surprise me, sometimes.

I’m down with that. I’m much more interested with Looking Glass, but Sisters Doo as a creative idea and I would enjoy seeing them both completed.

Oh yes, all my YES! TSD is so much a part of my headcanon that when the DerringDo vinyl from Funko finally came out, the only logical place for it was right next to my first vinyl, her sister Derpy. I would love to know the rest of the story :heart:

That’d be a strong incentive to get me into your backlog.
Will definitely consider.

if I wrote the rest of what I had planned for the Sisters Doo mythos back in 2012, would any of you be interested in reading it?


(Fucking size change thing not working anymore.)

I may not be picking up new stories to read now, but I always hold out hope to see stories I followed reach their conclusion. (Yes, of course we would, though we might also have to re-read the old stories at this point...)

I’d read.

yes please

Come back and write for us Ponky. D:

Yes! That'd make me really happy. I have so many memories of Sisters Doo. It was one of the first stories on Fimfiction I read. Discovered it on TVTropes. And I re-read it while moving into my first own home (that was when you were coming back). I've been excited about the Crusaders-Dinky side story since you left for Italy :)

I'd love to see what you have planned, or even read the whole dayum thing if you're gonna go for it. Write what makes you happy, man.

Self praise? After reading so many Skirts blogs, this is alien to me.

More Sisters Dooniverse story's would be well received.
That is nothing like I wanted to say aside the premise of 'Yes Please'

The Sisters Doo and Through the Looking Glass were some of the main reasons I decided to start an account on this site to visit and read regularly. I'd take time out of my day to follow those stories again.

I'm not really aware of what's happening in the show & fandom anymore either (and probably won't catch up until my youngest is old enough to be interested in the show), but I'd be interested in reading the completed Sisters Doo story cycle.

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