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I'm a writer of fluff, kibitzer, and especially interested in canon AU: Equestria Girls, the comics, etc. They are fun to play with.

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Answer to EQD's question · 1:32am Nov 9th, 2015

Right now, Equestria Daily has a discussion question up: "Which Fanfiction Would You Like To See Adapted as a Pony Movie or Series?"

The answers are all Past Sins/Fallout: Equestria/Rainbow Factory/Cupcakes.


I'll be blunt: those are stupid answers. Why even ask? You will never, ever get a grimdark or post-apocalyptic thing adapted by the Powers That Be. And I'm going out on a limb here, but I think it's a little gross to want that from official channels. Over here on the fan end, we can produce what we like, but I don't even like the idea of DHX making something that's much too scary or inappropriate for kids.

I thought the question over, and I figured I'd pick five golden oldies/Greatest Hits. One reason I picked them is that I don't know and have never met the authors and I'm not likely to. I didn't want to pick or not pick a story by someone I know. Mind you, there are some terrific stories that I love which aren't on here--Mandatory Fun and Not The Hero leap to mind, among others--but the question is what would work as an episode.

Kid friendly:

Sunny Skies All Day Long:
Keeping Your Hooves on the Ground
In The Place The Wild Horses Sleep

Not quite as kid-friendly, mostly because they are shippy, but still good:

Forever Young
The Best Night Ever

So if you've got opinions, opine, and if you like, the link's up there.

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Comments ( 12 )

To be fair, Past Sins is neither grimdark or post-apocalyptic.

Fics I would like to see get the episode treatment are:
Of the Fair and All After
How to Preen Your Chicken
The Gift of the Mash
Our Gifts

I would also like to see Friendship Goes Both Ways, but it's a bit late for that.

Would love Sunny Skies as an episode, though that doesn't strictly answer the question. Perhaps all the FO:E responses are partially due to it being something series-length, unlike most fics?

Meh, whatevs. I can't stomach FO:E. The premise relies on everyone acting far too OOC for me to even recognize it as ostensibly stemming from a universe I enjoy. It has inspired a lot of people though, so props to the author for that.

Well, you already mentioned Sunny Skies All Day Long, so that's out :derpytongue2: Still, another good one would be Certain Advantages, especially since there would finally be a Celestia-focused episode, and because it would do some much needed work in reestablishing the awesomeness of the diarchs, especially Celestia. Sadly, they'd probably have to cut the bungholes...

Another possibility would be Young Eyes, but that stars a background filly and the sequel has several issues with canon. It's still a tale that manages to feel not just magical but mystical, a story that conveys the wonder of the world as seen through... well, young eyes.

Also, I'm quite flattered to see Mandatory Fun mentioned. :twilightsheepish:

If it were possible? Prak's Roll for Initiative 2nd chapter, or just that story's theme and message adapted to fit the show and rating. It does have a moral it teaches Luna, and by extension the audience as well. It'd sorta be like Reading Rainbow episode where you trasition between them playing a game and trying to have a good time, to switching to the characters they play in the made up world. https://www.fimfiction.net/story/141746/2/roll-for-initiative/the-legend-of-the-blue-monk

Beyond that? I think my top pick for best friendshipping would have to be Ah Ain't Got no Ack-cent as it practically embodies everything that was Friendship is Magic. It's even got some fun Pie Family moments sprinkled in. Without a doubt probably one of the nicest forms of friendshipping and being true to who you are episode potential out there.

Papers Please with barely any need to alter much of this to fit canon, this lesson on the concept and importance on what trust is and why promises are not to be taken lightly. It's a powerful message. Not only is it presented in a clever way, it really does it in a way that speaks to the younger audience in a way that's easy to grasp, but at the same time it doesn't talk down to them. It's sure to get through to them on what the concept behind a "Promise" is and how that relates and affects their future when it comes to trust and reliability in the things you say.

Far as movie potential goes? I'd love to see one made with Spike in a sort of serious tone PG-13 setting. While the story sadly ends after its first big season cliffhanger, https://www.fimfiction.net/story/116782/zenith , it's still pretty moving. No quickfix here. Just a curse and one small hope.

If I could pick any form of fiction to be a movie or series that was aimed for an older audience though I'd go with Harmony Theory or something. I can't really say. Fanfiction is just too big a beast to say who deserves to be made an episode or not. So many good stories and yet so many just don't feel like a good fit for the show itself.

I'd probably be willing to commit murder if they would make Flight of Alicorn into a feature-length film.

... Well, murder might be a little extreme. Maybe something a little more tame... like larceny. Yeah, grand larceny, let's go with that, :moustache:

3530892 Oh! I started reading that when I was first on the site! Ponydora Prancypants was one of the first people to comment on anything and one of the first people I followed. It looks as though I read the first chapter and then got intimidated by the size, but I liked what I read. Added to the Read Later list.

Those answers annoy me, but they don't surprise me.

Sunny Skies, and I Ain't Got No Ack-cent!

Sunny skies is good pick.

A Million Things to Do, definitely. It's older Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash moments, and it just works so well. I'd very much love to see a take on it, because damn that ending is great.

Just Like Her and Big Horseshoes, because Bad hits me with the feels. The latter especially, as I can relate to it personally. I want Rumble to get a place in the spotlight so bad. These two, as well as A Million Things to Do, actually feel like episode material, though Big Horseshoes is set before Wonderbolts Academy, so that's a bit of an issue.

Rise. Just Rise. Or a different take on the idea. Get an insight from a creature that's not a pony and what they think of them.

I think in the case of those famous or infamous fics, it's more some folk jumping on the train for the "OMG best story evur!" kind of deal. When you think about it, something such as FO:E could never be translated into the canon. Not only is it using an existing universe and would face some issues dealing with that, including the fact that the entire showing would be a crossover, but it's way too mature. The main character is a lesbian, and is kind of the reason the entire plot sets off. If you use that... well, we all know what would happen. That, on top of the stuff that actually happens, would instantly push the movie or series into a mature rating, which is totally against what MLP is about. Simply put, it wouldn't work.

Cupcakes is an instant no for obvious reasons. Fan animations and art we have of it already is enough. Same goes for Rainbow Factory.

I've never read Past Sins and don't know much about it, but this one seems more plausible. It could explore a "What if?" scenario. Of course, it still wouldn't happen, because it's dark and all that, but it seems like the one of the bunch that would be the most likely candidate of actually happening, if one of them were to.

Read through that entire comment stream. Wow did that hurt. MFW people are trying to pick "more adult" stories and OC-centric stories as if they were ever needed on the show. 2015 and we're still doing the validation-begging thing. :rainbowlaugh:

I hate to say it, but I can think of absolutely zero fics that I've read that have made me think "why doesn't Hasbro animate this?" I've read plenty of fantastic fanfics, mind you, but they... just wouldn't fit. I don't even think my stories would be suitable to adapt, and I do try to stay within the tone and rating of the show. I consider "your fic is just like an episode" to be the best compliment I can receive, but I know I'm just following behind the official writers, lapping at their scraps, and putting out either pale imitations or off-path stuff whenever possible.

And I'm not sure that's a bad thing. Amateur (as in, unpaid) fanfic is a different beast than official stuff, and it's meant to be. It's meant to break the boundaries of the source material, even when trying to play by as many of the source material's rules as possible. It's also not informed by a series bible or Correct Use Of Copyrighted Terms or anything like that.

That said, there are a few authors in the fandom I'd like get into the inside, so they can be informed by the rules Hasbro has in place, then exercise their skills to give us the best of both worlds. Something that feels both ambitious yet genuine-product.

Past Sins isn't that dark.

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