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Well if I told you about myself it'd beat the purpose of my Alias. To clarify, I write in Canadian English.

I Make Videos!

:pinkiegasp: Yes it's true! Would you mind checking out my short PMV test? I'd greatly appreciate feedback!

Some of my favourites, possibly not my top favourites

  • Twilight and Her Nutty Teacher Random story about Twilight having an acorn for a teacher. Please read the full description for more details. by FlameSwordedLink 8,634 words · 613 views · 26 likes · 3 dislikes
  • Twilight, the Internet is for Porn... Twilight discovered pornography. Now, in her frantic state of mind, she tries to think of a way to get rid of every compromising, private picture of herself on the internet ever made. Period. by MerlosTheMad 9,133 words · 8,388 views · 428 likes · 27 dislikes

Discontinued · 3:45am

It's been 100 weeks since I posted my last chapter.

I posted a comment there too.

It let's you know why I am not planning on finishing the story. Sorry!

Recent Stories

Some more of my Favourites, currently, not necessarily my top favourites.

  • Shining Armor is Too Handsome Shining Armor explains to his children how being too handsome led to the ruin of his life and eventual marriage of their mother. by TheOnly 6,352 words · 2,945 views · 240 likes · 15 dislikes
  • How Every Shipfic Would Actually Happen A realistic view on shipping fanfics by TheOnly 7,125 words · 22,851 views · 2,081 likes · 143 dislikes
  • Skittles Rainbow Dash discovers that she doesn't like Skittles. Twilight Sparkle's theory is that Rainbow tastes like Skittles herself, and is therefore immune to the taste. But are they ready to find out if her theory is correct? by barbeque 7,305 words · 7,069 views · 527 likes · 38 dislikes

Even more favourites, possibly not the top ones!

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Dude u on so crazy grass or something

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Haha thanks! I'm probably going to start working on a full length one soon :rainbowkiss:

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your pmv is amazing!!!:pinkiecrazy:

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You deserve it! :rainbowkiss:

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My Best So Far

Rainbow Rarity?

According to my personality test, I lean towards Rainbow Dash and Rarity. :facehoof: I hope that worked.

Now... What can we say about this other than that is odd.

Just odd.

now back to me: