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It seems I'm not capable of writing a bio without sounding really pretentious, so I'll keep it simple.I write pony-fanfiction. That is all.


Study results! · 4:41pm Dec 17th, 2015

Thanks so much to everyone who helped me complete my research on brony experiences and culture. If you're interested, you can read the completed study here.

Y'all are the best! <3

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Hey, Happy Birthday!

yes! new story oh my god

i'm wondering if i could possibly obtain "a swig of the finest", seeing as everyone is raving about it

I read your story "I Might Have Been" and I have to say Bravo! That story was heart wrenchingly beautiful.


Well i can´t find "Swig of the finest" so i assume it isn´t public.. or im just too stupid to find it :applejackconfused:


Why what isn't public now?

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