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This story is a sequel to Masks

With the failure and disbandment of the Carnival, Overseer #17092 is promoted to Socialite and tasked with quelling rumors of resistance in the frontier villages of Equestria. He finds himself in the remote mining village of Hallow Shades, with an adventure ahead of him.
Book 2 of Masks.

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my name is derpy hooves and i have the best mummy in the world
she made me a boat and a blanky with bubbles on it
i love bubbles
not as much as mummy though
mummy said she take me to the river today and we go boating
mummy never take me anywhere before
i so excited

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Two Bits, a young beggar pegasus off the streets of a segregated Baltimare, finds himself in the occupation of a strange sea crew, sailing off into the unknown. With no heading and no realization of what their true motives aboard Crucible, Two Bits works his best doing whatever he can to stay aboard and earn his keep.

Dedicated to my followers, I promised this so long ago and was never able to truly pursue it. I know I'm not the best writer and I come out with things that just make my works even less enjoyable, but you've stayed with me, even if it just was because I followed you or we were friends. I haven't really been motivated for anything in so long and yea... I hope you enjoy.
There is no reason for why I named this Crates other than I couldn't think of anything good,

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[Teen Scootaloo x Teen Rumble]
“Hey, don’t be like that. You’re the most amazing filly in all of Ponyville. I do like you alot. You’re really special to me, so special that I want to be friends for as long as possible. I don’t want to screw up with you ever. It’s not that I don’t want you... It’s that I want you too much.” Rumble said as he comforted the filly he had just rejected.
Cancelled due to loss of inspiration.

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We're not all the same, them and I. Perhaps these are gifts, but they are curses all the same. Tell me, do you know what it is like to be the deviant among the wolf pack? Not the Alpha, nor the Omega, but the Outcast.
Maybe they fear my abilities, I cannot know, or maybe they praise me like a god, but this I do not want.

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With the powers of Mint and Berry with a Satisfying Crunch, Mintberry Crunch comes to Equestria to save it from it's greatest threat, the great and powerful Trixie.

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