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god gives her hardest battles to her silliest of girlies


Sunset Shimmer and Wallflower Blush go camping.

✿ Originally published on June 30th, 2020 on a now defunct alt named Marin.

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Twilight falls head over heels for a sandwich artist.

It's just unfortunate that the object of her affection seems to hate her for some reason.

Sex tag for saucy situations and innuendo.
Profanity tag for a healthy helping of swearing.
Romance tag for a love as empty as the calories at Subway.
Comedy tag for the joke that is my taste in music.
Art by yuck-banner.tumblr(dot)com (nsfw warning)
Under new management! Originally published while in exile on Feb 15th, 2020 on a defunct alt named Hoagie.

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After weeks of dealing with a fussy filly's bedtime ritual, Shining Armor finds the perfect story for his daughter.

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This story is a sequel to The Sunlight Project

After the disaster that was her Sunlight Project, Twilight Sparkle somehow manages to ask Sunset Shimmer out on a date. She isn't ready.

That isn't enough to stop her from trying. However, she needs all the help she can get to navigate the relationships in her life.

☀Edited by the kind and wonderful fourths.
☀Preread by Misago

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A simple declaration between Sci-Twi and Sunset Shimmer kicks off a silly argument. Who's taller?

Sex tag for minor sexual references.

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After transferring to Canterlot High, Twilight Sparkle realizes she has a crush on Sunset Shimmer. Being the analytical type, she develops a plan to capture Sunset's heart...using the scientific method.

Sex tag for mild sexual references.
Edited by fourths.

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