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A jewel that had long been hidden within the depths of the Castle of the Two Sisters, has been recovered by Twilight and Starlight because of their eagerness to study and learn all about it and the strange energies it gives off every now and again. While gathering the last of a few things to study the markings on the strange jewel, they unknowingly get a visit from Rainbow Dash who is then dragged into a strange world by the jewel. When Twilight and Starlight return to continue the studies, they soon learn of what has transpired in their absence. As the two of them gather all the help they can to try and bring Rainbow back into their world, Rainbow Dash soon learns that survival is much harder than Daring Do makes it out to be.

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Superheroes have great power, but at the end of the day, they’re still ponies, not gods. For the Power Ponies, this is no exception, as they soon discover in a particularly perilous battle with the supervillainess, Mane-iac. However, in a world of super-powered criminals and crime fighters, not everything is ever just as it seems. When one of their own vanishes after the battle, the Power Ponies are eventually drawn into a nefarious and deadly scenario as they race to uncover the truth before a potentially cataclysmic storm can be unleashed.

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Co-Author, Editer and good friend: Word Worthy

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The Mighty Griffons soccer team has been undefeated for the last three and a half seasons, or a total of fifty six games. They called this feat the “The Streak” When Rainbow Dash scores the winning goal, that ends “The Streak”, her fortunes ends with it when her defeated opponents prove to be far worse than mere bad sports.

Takes place in EqG universe

Co-Authors: Joshwolf999, YamiPuppy, Epicmanlymare22

Editors: Izanagi, Biker_Dash

Cover art: eternalcha0s

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There are many academy records in the Wonderbolt Academy, and Spitfire loves getting cadets to train hard and shatter those records.

There is one record she never wanted to see broken: the Academy Death Record. In the ten years since she became a captain and began training cadets, the Wonderbolt Academy has never seen a single pony die in action. That record was broken today when a malfunctioning piece of training equipment took the life of one of the newest recruits... and a personal friend of Spitfire's.

Co-authors: Scootareader, Joshwolf999
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Age a tomato plant that's all I wanted to do. Just a slightly complicated age spell that only the most talented of unicorns could do correctly. How hard could it be right? And with Rainbow Dash here to give me support nothing could go wrong. But It did, it went horribly wrong, and I'll never forgive myself for what I did to her, the pony I loved. I made the hardest decision of my life after that, the decision to give up my special talent, the thing that made me who I am today, I, Twilight Sparkle, will never use my magic again.

Co-Author: ElectronicBroPony, Word Worthy

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Just weeks ago, Rainbow Dash, the Element of Loyalty was murdered by an unidentified pony. A member of the town of Ponyville(?). Everyone is heartbroken to know that she is dead, especially her sister, Scootaloo. Just what will she do without her, and better yet, what will her friends do without her?

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What lengths would you go to for family? Would you care for them? Be honest with them? Keep a secret for them? Sometimes, family relationships can become strained or volatile. But once you feel love towards your kin, it never truly dies. A certain dress-maker from Ponyville can attest to that fact, in more than one situation. But when a secret she and her sister tried to hide begins to fall apart, a secret that hides a past so painful it brings tears to her eyes just to think of, will she be able to tell the ponies she loves the truth?

Co-Authors: Ghosttown Brony
Editor: Prophet
Cover art by: Ragethebatfox

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Sadness, depression, guilt, darkness all these things can easily swallow a happy day. They can change ponies lives in a heartbeat. All it took was one of Rainbow Dash's pranks going a little too far. A over reaction to that prank forever changing the lives of everypony and one dragon, But as the days roll on, the abyss of guilt and constant self blame will consume one mare. Can she ever find forgiveness for her mistake, both mentally and spiritually? Most importantly, will she forgive herself?

Editor Fonypan

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The night of the Canterlot Wedding. Everypony was happy. Dancing, singing, chatting, drinking, and lots more. But as the night draws to a close, something happens. Not good. Not bad...yet.

Twilight had her suspicions. Everypony else had dismissed it.

Everypony had thought it was over...but the battle has only just begun.

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