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I'm that 1 dash(and Twi) fan who writes stories about them. Big TwixDash shipper


This story is a sequel to Our Name Across The Multiverse: 10 years later

Discord is on a quest to get the gang that saved the twins(Blitz and Braver) back together as another multiverse crisis is happening again and the twins need all the help they can get in the upcoming battle. Joining him on this quest, is Dr. Amazement, a human version of Trixie from a universe that has magic users and super heroes.
On this quest, Amazement will meet other universe heroes and find that strength to help face the monster that killed her beloved and find her courage once more.
A spin off fic that takes place between Arc 1 to 3 in the main fic.

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On New Years Eve, Twilight is left with Celestia, the owner of the Temple of Spark. There, she meets her new family, her sisters/friends. Twilight will learn about Friendship, sisterhood, love and magic. This is her new future. Every story, starts with a spark...

wanted to write something quick for New Years and a future series.
Cover is AI made
future shipping tags- DashxTwi

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This story is a sequel to Your Name Across The Multiverse

Ten years after being saved by their parents and their parents alternate versions, Blitz and Braver are living the lives they earn and deserved. Living happily with their new mothers in each universe. For Braver, its living with Twilight and Dash in the Equestria universe, while for Blitz, its on earth with the human version of Dash and Twilight.

Scattering the prism window and creating a small crack in the walls of between, both twin sisters can finally be reunited but they're not only ones, as Dashie and Twilah got suck in with Blitz to Equestria and both versions of Twilight and Dash now must help each other in being great parents to their daughters but also helping each other with their relationship problems, while the twins help each other in getting over their past and finally facing their Dawns...while in the tree of the multiverse, a dead sun is looking for its light...its Rainbow Comet light...

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In AU, Twilight, known as Terra Spark, is a trained psychic soldier known as a "Ghost" and Rainbow Dash is a commander known as Brigitte Rainbow.
Two alien races, the nightmarish Changelings and high tech warriors, The Greys, are fighting each other across the sector and humanity(anthro) is trap in the middle of these aliens senseless war.

On a backwater planet, Terra watches over Rainbow, who brings not only hope to the people but also reminds Terra that she deserves a better tomorrow as well.
In return, Terra reminds Rainbow about why she can keep fighting

An entry(maybe) in Imposing Sovereigns IV using the prompt Rainbow Dash/Twilight Sparkle Strength/Loyalty

Setting is inspired by Starcraft 1
characters appears in my current running stories here(for Terra) and here(For the commander)
so I guess I call this a spin off?

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This story is a sequel to Your Name Across The Multiverse

After being blasted into another universe by the Rainbow Shard, both Dashes are on a journey to return to their universe, but it won't be easy. In each universe they jump into, they need to find that universe Rainbow Shard and dealing with that universe Rainbow Dash wacky adventure, doesn't help each jump is changing them and a voice telling them to remember a person/pony they forgotten...

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Rainbow Dash and Twilight are sent into the multiverse by touching a shard from the Rainbow comet and they are separated as the result of it but they're not alone. At the same time, another multiverse versions of themselves also touched the shard of their own world comet. Both groups are on quest to not only get back home but also have to go through the multiverse to get to find each other but there's a problem. They don't remember each other names or why they need to find each other...Meanwhile(and the main story), other versions of themselves are showing up at the crater of comet shard site and are trying to understand what's going on.
Dash side of her adventure can be found here
Twilight Side of her adventure can be found here

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