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Hi I'm stone I basically have abandoned this account and will most likely never continue the stories I have written. If by chance I do continue them then go ahead and read them.

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Sapphire Shores is the pony of pop, the hipster of the century and a pretty swell Pony when you get to know her. However she has a secret. Only a few ponies know of this secret. But otherwise no one knows of this secret. For this secret that would put her career in shambles, would also name her as the biggest fraud in Equestria.

Got this idea one day while browsing the really really dead line of Sapphire shores fanfics. Basically Sapphire Shores has a magical Ipod that contains every single song minus Pony songs from our world. She then rewrites them and voila has a new song for the pony public.
I am not the owner of well mlp Note no actual song rewriting will be used and it is a crossover with all the songs from our world.

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After the events of losing his best friend Humpty Dumpty and still on the run from the guard. Puss in Boots finds a way to Equestria.

set from the events from the movie Puss in Boots.

Puss in Boots belongs to dreamworks, My little pony belongs to Hasbro.
Story idea belongs to me.

Also I do not know the Spanish language and I am going mostly off of Google Translate. If you speak fluent Spanish please leave a comment or message on what I should change and revise. Overall read and enjoy and leave a comment.

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From the xbox live game Dust the Elysian tail
Warning may contain spoilers of the ending if you have not played the game then please do not read this. If you don't care about the ending of the game then read on.

After the battle with General Gaius,Dust the Sen Mithrarin and Ahrah The Elysium blade find themselves in Equestria. Will they find a way back to their world of Falana or will he live the rest of his days in Equestria? Only time will tell.

This is my first Attempt at a crossover story and second fic so please be fair.

Dust The Elysian tail belongs to Humble Hearts and My Little Pony Friendship is magic belongs Hasbro and Lauren Faust. Idea and story belongs to me.

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