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My Little Elysian Tail - Stoneificaunt

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Dust To Dust

Dust to Dust

Dust the Wielder of one of the Swords of Elysium,brother of Ginger,soul of Jin and Cassius combined and the Sen-Mithrarin of the Moonbloods stood across from General Gaius. Surrounded by lava,Dust prepared for his final attack on the crouching General. The General was quicker however as he parried Dust's strike.

Causing them both to stagger after the initial impact. General Gaius stood in the middle of the cliff,both sides leading to a ocean of lava. Using his sword as a brace Gaius barely kept himself up.

Dust recovered very quickly having had weeks of parrying practice. He jumped into the air his sword in hand and brought it down upon the general. After Dusts attack the General was sent falling down to another cliff below them,unable to stop himself from falling off that cliff as well General Gaius grabbed onto the ledge hoping to not fall into the sea of lava. Dust thinking the battle had been won rested in his stance and stood up straightly.

However an explosion came and Dust himself was sent flying into the cliff below,his hat which covered half his face flown into the lava,burning the second it touched the molten sea. Dust was now on the ground lying face forward to the heated ground. General Gaius losing his grip began to yell Cassius over and over again. Having hearing his words Dust began crawling to the edge of the cliff. Lava had begun seconds earlier to consume the cliff in its molten embrace slowly getting closer to Dust,but Dust crawled on to the edge of the cliff grabbing onto General Gaius hands to try and pull him up.

General Gaius having gazing into the face of his savior noticed it was not his friend Cassius then said with sorrow.

"You... You're not Cassius..." Dust gazed at Gaius then closed his eyes and said," Yes. I am." He then opened his eyes to look at Gaius again. Gaius still looking up to Dust then said,"Yes... You are. But Cassius is gone..." Gaius grabbed Dusts hand with his loosely hanging one and said while pulling himself closer to Dusts face."As is the world we once loved." Now face to face with Dust he muttered two words to him."Cherish it."

General Gaius then pushed himself away from Dust,from the cliff and into the molten sea of lava. Dust extended his hand out to try and grab General Gaius,but he was already out of his reach. Dust then closed his eyes and turned to lay on his back when he heard another voice call out to him.

"Dust...Dust." Dust opened his eyes to look up to the top of the cavern he was in. There he saw his sister Ginger looking down upon him through a hole saying something to someone else."Fidget! There I see him!"

Panting to fly to Dust's side with both sorrow and exhaustion in her voice she called out his name again.

"Dust?! Dust!" Bracing himself on a couple of rocks Dust said to Fidget waving his right arm to keep her away.

"Fidget,get out. Go." Dusts friend Fidget flew to Dusts side,with desperation in her voice she tugged onto Dusts Teal cloak and said.

"Not without you! C'mon,Dust! Get up!" She stopped tugging onto Dusts cloak and flew there in place with it in her hands and said."We did everything right,Dust..." She let go of his cloak and continued."Everything we were supposed to do."

Gazing at his friend with a small smile on his face Dust said to her.

"And sometimes that's not enough,Fidget." Dust grimaced as Lava began to engulf him starting at his feet,but still spoke out his words despite it."When the Life Thread calls..." Still grimacing in pain he plastered the same small smile on his face and turned to face Fidget once more to say his final words."Fidget... Thank you."

Fidget now with tears in her eyes said her final two words to Dust.

"Goodbye... Dust." Then Fidget closed her eyes and flew away from her friend Dust.

Dust was now slowly being engulfed by lava. He looked up to where his sister was at the hole in the top of the cavern. With the same small smile on his face he gazed at his sister,he then closed his eyes as the wind flowed through his hair. He thought about all the things he did before it led up to this moment. The day he had first met Fidget and Ahrah,the time he saved the town of Aurora from monsters. Defeating Fuse the Moonblood,saving Mudpot village from drought,the funeral for Bopos father. He also remembered the soul that he had freed and reunited with his love-one,the climb up the mountain. And Dust also remembered the army he led into battle that led him to General Gaius. All of it led up to this very moment.

Dust was then engulfed by the lava completely,nothing was left of him. Ginger watched her brother Dust be engulfed by the molten sea of lava. With tears in her eyes she put her two hands to cover her face,and said.

"Dust... No..."

Ahrah the Elysium sword that Dust wielded was already engulfed by lava before Dust,but instead of melting down to become one with the lava the five runes etched into the blade glowed brightly. As it flowed back and forth the lava was like a void,nothing but darkness.The sword however was like a beacon of light in the darkness.The glowing protected the sword from being enveloped by the darkness,but one by one the runes began to fade,and soon they all dissipated. Leaving nothing but darkness.

On the surface the leader of the Moonbloods Elder Gray was standing before all of the soldiers that were not injured in battle. Elder Gray then proceeded to say these words to his troops. On a hill Ginger and Fidget listened to what Elder Gray had to say.

"Through the actions of our Sen-Mithrarin... Dust... The Moonblood race is finally free. We will never forget his sacrifice,or the deeds that saved our very world. We shall always remember what happened here." Ginger Still cried for Dust while Elder Gray continued his speech.

"Dust's Sacrifice will allow the Moonblood race to rise again to rebuild our glorious civilization and live peacefully among the races of this world." Ginger turned around ready to head home when she saw a teal spirit rise from the earth. Fidget also noticed this and floated to Gingers side to look at the spirit,Elder Gray still continued his speech.

"Though it may appear that Dust has fallen here today,a force of good is not so easily extinguished. Sen-Mithrarin was born of dust..." The teal spirit floated there for awhile,then Ahrah the Elysium sword rose from the ground next to the spirit. They both floated there for a single second then started to fly off in a unknown direction. Fidget then spoke out to them,

"Hey?! HEEY!" She then flew after them. Ginger looked back at Elder Gray while he still spoke on.

"A current in the winds of change,a harbinger of storms yet to come..." He finished looking at Ginger,she turned back around in the direction they were once in. Now happy she muttered only one word.


Ahrah the sword along with the spirit Dust flew to an unknown heading. Fidget who was also flying was trying to keep up with them,but she could never quite keep up with them both. After hours of flying through the air and over the changing landscapes they began to fly down to a familiar forest down below. The forest was the Glade where Dust had begun his adventure,where he met with Ahrah and Fidget and learned how to use the Dust Storm his signature move. The spirit Dust and sword Ahrah still floated above the ground through the forest. Monsters used to roam the forest but Dust cleared them out while learning how to fight.

They all reached a clearing in the forest,the spirit Dust began to form an ethereal body of him self. Ahrah floated next to him. Fidget floated across from them both, tears began to form in her eyes as she floated in place. She then cried out

"Dust, Ahrah, is that you?" Dust smiled at Fidget,he then extended his hand to Ahrah's hilt and grabbed it in his hand. The sword faded to an ethereal form the same as Dust. He smiled then started to say.

"Fidget its good to see you again. I hope you can have a good life without us,it has been fun just the three of us."

"Dust... I hope you can come back to us one day." Tears started to form in her eyes.

"When the world has need of us again Fidget,we will come back." He replied.

"Well here's hoping I make it to that time,it was nice to know you Dust the real you." She then turned away from Dust and flew away. Dust stood there with his sword in hand,he then let it go and the sword was no longer Ethereal.

"Well Ahrah I guess you better go back to the Nimbat village." He said somberly.

"Actually Dust I am now bound to you forever,but that is not important... What is important is that our task has yet to be done." The sword said while his runes glowed bright and dark while he spoke.

"What do you mean our task is not done?" Dust began to clench his hand into a fist.

"There is another world that requires our aid Dust. Though you do have a choice on whether or not to go."

"What are my choices Ahrah?" He released his clenched fist.

"You have two choices Dust,the first is to become one with the life thread and be reborn as a new person. The Second is to go to the other world and continue your mission as yourself. But I must warn you Dust once you arrive in this new world you might not have any recollection of who you once were... You will still remember your name and mine,but you might lose all the memory's you have over again."

"Will I even forget Fidget? He asked.

"I will try to keep as much of your memory as possible,but even I might forget once we arrive in the new world. Choose wisely Dust for if you do not aid this other world you might damn it to destruction." Dust stood there in deep thought,the two choices brought before him were both a heavy choice. After a considerable amount of time Dust had come to a decision.

"I have decided to go Ahrah,it is my duty to help those who need it and I wont stand by while a world could be destroyed." He said.

"Well then Dust grasp my hilt and I shall be the Conduit to take you into the new world."

Dust complied with Ahrah's command like before the sword became ethereal like Dust. The minute he grabbed Ahrah a pillar of light shined upon them both from the sky. After the light hit them and disappeared Dust and Ahrah were nowhere to be seen.

It was night time and Zecora was out picking ingredients in the Everfree forest,she had just about collected all the things she needed for her new concoctions. After calling it a day Zecora began to head home until she saw a bright light shine down from the sky. Zecora headed to the area where the light had impacted with the earth. Once she arrived she saw a creature unlike anything before she then said.

"Oh me oh my what is this before my eyes?" On the ground lied Dust in his black sleeved shirt with his teal cloak and on his head was his black Conical hat that covered half of his face. And next to Dust Ahrah the Elysium sword lied next to him.