My Little Elysian Tail

by Stoneificaunt

Dust to Dust A New World

Dust to Dust A New World

Dust was in a dream like trance, his dreams were of himself in Aurora village. He walked closer to the center of the village he could see no one for miles. As he wandered about the village he called out.
"HELLO! Is anyone here?" No one had answered him. He did a quick trek around the village several times still calling out to no one. "HELLO! IS ANYONE HERE AT ALL?" Still no one answered his call.

He went to the shop that sold items and ingredients along with food. It too was empty like the rest of the village. There was no shop-clerk at all to tend to the shop for it seemed bowls of food were laid out, but no one to eat them. He called out one more time to see again if anyone would hear him.
"HELLO! IS ANYONE STILL HERE?" And like the times before no one answered.

Dust was about to exit the shop to keep looking for someone, before he left he saw a doll on a table. It was a strange doll it looked like a orange weasel with bat wings and black button eyes. He proceeded over to it thinking.
"Maybe when I find someone they will know who this doll belongs to. The minute he grabbed the doll he felt a quick pang of nausea flow through him. After it subsided he began to see flashbacks of the shop-clerk that owned the shop making the very doll he held in his hands. The shop-clerk then turned to him and said.
"Here I had enough Materials to make a second one." Dust Took the other doll into his hand, after what seemed like a life time of staring at the doll that was given to him by the shop-clerk he uttered one single word.

Dust awoke from his dream like trance, he awoke to a strange room that he did not recognize. He was in a bed that was too short for his size for his feet hung on the edge of the bed. By him he saw Ahrah resting on a table beside the bed. There was an archway door that led to a bigger room. Inside the other room were various potions on shelves and mask's that would put fear in anyone. In the middle of the room was a black cauldron with a fire warming it underneath filled with a green bubbly sludge.

Dust got out of bed and grabbed Ahrah from the shelf, after inspecting the room he walked up to the cauldron. By the cauldron was a ladle that had been inside the green sludge recently. Their were trace residue of the sludge on the ladle, he carefully picked up the ladle and put it up to his nose to smell it. The odor was a mixture of perfume and wet dog, the odor lingered in his nose for a bit while he put the ladle back by the cauldron. After viewing more of the room the only door in the room opened revealing a four legged black and white creature he had never seen before.

Dust didn't know what the thing was, he had seen only deer and some monsters walk on four legs. The thing before him was like a deer only it had a Mohawk and gold earrings with a gold bangle down one of her front legs and another one around her neck. Dust wasn't sure of the strange deer's intention and he wasn't going to stay to find out. He raised his sword ready to perform his signature move the Dust storm to escape. Zecora was now unsure of whether taking the strange bipedal creature into her home was a good idea.

When she found the strange bipedal creature the night before she planned to leave him there for the forest to take care of. Now it stood before her ready to attack her in her own home. It stood twice the size of Zecora on two legs, the sword in hand was like a key with three rungs at the end of the blade. It wore a black coat with a red edging down the front and around the bottom. A cyan cloak, cyan pants, black Ugg boots, and a black Conical hat with a cyan hat cover that makes it looks like a hood.(overall just look at this for what he looks like.Image)

Zecora then tried to speak to Dust, but all Dust could understand was that Zecora was talking to him in a language he did not understand. So Dust eased his intentions of fighting and thought maybe they can talk things out once he understood what she said. Zecora saw that Dust was easing in his intentions of fighting and begun to trust her, though she thought maybe the creature didn't understand her. Once Zecora was done talking Dust began to talk to her to see if she understood him. Sadly she just shrugged to indicate she couldn't understand him either.

Dust began to think how could he get the Deer creature before him to understand what he was saying. Then it occurred to him, why not write out words for her to read. He pointed his sword to the ground ready to draw words but Ahrah the Elysium sword floated out of Dust's hand. Ahrah floated to the middle of the room above the cauldron. He lingered there for a moment, the room was in udder silence. Dust was about to say something to Ahrah but the five runes on the sword began to glow one by one.

After the final and fifth one began to glow a bright light then filled the room soon it did a shock-wave that passed right through them both and even outside. In Ponyville pony's were doing what they usually do every day, an occasional foal playing with her friends or with her parents on an errand. Soon the same shock-wave that started in the forest soon passed through the whole entire town. On a balcony in Canterlot castle Princess Celestia and Princess Luna were having there scheduled tea party having small talk and discussing future plans for foreign affairs with the zebra kingdom.

Princess Celestia then saw the shock-wave that started in the Everfree forest,it soon passed through Ponyville and was headed to Canterlot. Before they knew it the shock-wave came like a force that could push anyone down to the ground. For the Princess's it merely blew their hair backwards and returned back to normal. After it had subsided the Princess's saw the shock-wave keep on going,soon it was out of their field of vision but they both knew that it was still going.

Back in the hut that was in the Everfree forest Dust's sword Ahrah floated back to Dust and he held it firm in his hand once again. Dust then held Ahrah out in front of him and said.
"Ahrah what did you just do?" At the sound of his words Zecora's eyes brightened up for she understood what he had said. Zecora then stated.
"Oh dear me! I can now understand thee!" After her words Ahrah's runes began to glow again then he said.
"I have made it so you can speak to them now Dust. Now the whole world can understand you." After a brief silence Zecora walked up to them both with a new found interest in her eyes, then she asked.
"How can this be, truly my ears don't deceive?"

Dust then said.
"I don't know how Ahrah can make us understand each other, but I don't really care as long were able to understand each-others words." Dust then extended his hand out to Zecora and said."Hi my name is Dust, and this is Ahrah Its a pleasure to meet you." Zecora extended her hoof out and introduced her self as well.
"Zecora is my name and the pleasure is the same!" After their brief hand-hoof shake Dust was beginning to wonder what Zecora was, he then just went forward and asked her.
"So Zecora might I ask what are you?" She did a small chuckle then said.
"I will tell you the nature of me as soon as I learn about you and he." Dust began to scratch the back of his head with his hand then he just shrugged and told her what he was.

"I am a Sen-Mithrarin and Ahrah is an Elysium Sword, now what are you?"
"I am a Zebrican, also known as a Zebra." She said plainly.
"Well Zecora can I ask you one more thing. Where am I?"
"You are in the Everfree, Cursed forest near Ponyville as you can see." She then was walking away to a table where a map had been laid. She picked up the map with her mouth and held it in front of Dust to see. It was a very detailed map, on it had places of towns he never heard of. Once he found the Everfree forest it was by the town of Ponyville, then he saw in big cursive bold letters at the top of the map said Equestria.

Dust then held Ahrah out in front of him so he can see the map as well, but Ahrah could already see the map cause he had like a overhead view of the world but Dust didn't know that.

"Well Ahrah I guess we are in a new world after all."