• Published 27th Aug 2012
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My Little Elysian Tail - Stoneificaunt

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A Whole New World for a Nimbat

A Whole New World for a Nimbat

Fidget a orange weasel with bat like wings was headed back to the location where she had left her good friends Dust and Ahrah. This Nimbat had returned to her village moments ago only to be sent back out by the village elders to go and retrieve the Elysian Blade known as Ahrah. She had expected that they would send her back to retrieve the sword now that Dust was dead and no longer had a use for it. However she still couldn't muster up the courage to go and take the sword away from it's new owner. She was tormented between choosing her friend and the village and she thought very hard on which to choose. Though her thinking would be cut short for she was not paying attention to where she was going and headed straight towards a tree.


"Owwww!" Fidget wined. "That Hurt." She then looked around to see where she was, and she was in the exact clearing when she last left her friends. "Oh I'm already here. Well guess I might as well just take the blade back." She turned her head from side to side but saw no trace of Dust or Ahrah. "I wonder where they are though?" She hovered from tree to tree looking this way and that, but she still didn't find her friends.

"Oh man please don't tell me they moved on now how am i gonna find them." It was now all completely hopeless for her, her two friends had moved on and she had no clue where they went. She went to the ground and sat at the base of a tree trying to think what to do next. While she thought a shady character was walking by that she also knew. He wore a purple with yellow circled edge robe that concealed his face. His eyes glowed a bright white and gold earrings could be seen in it.(Image of what he looks like.) He saw Fidget in a thinking pose and tilted his head at this. He turned his head from side to side and expected to see one of his favorite customers. But he saw nothing but forest and a lone Nimbat sitting by a tree.

Deciding to get her attention he said.

"Well if it isn't little Fidget what brings you to this neck of the woods?" Caught by surprise She looked left to right until she looked up to see the Moonblood merchant that kept an eye on them throughout her journey with Dust and Ahrah.

"Oh Sereth I didn't see you there." She flew up beside him to be at eye level with him. "What are you doing here?" Sereth just smirked and retorted.

"I believe I asked a question first." Fidget's ears went down for she knew she was accidentally being rude.

"Well I am here to look for Dust and Ahrah and..." She looked to the ground like it was suddenly interesting. Sereth knew where this was going for he had been at the battle for the Moonbloods. Where their Sen-Mithrarin had died killing General Gaius. He decided to change the subject.

"Well I'm here to travel the world, see the finer places in life." She seemed to brighten up a bit but still a tiny bit sad inside.

"Well I don't suppose you've seen Dust have you?" Sereth merely shook his head at her question. She breathed a saddened sigh and said. "Well I guess I have to continue looking for them. See ya later I guess." She turned around and almost flew away but Sereth stopped her by saying.

"Wait!" She flew in place before she turned around to face him. "I think I may have something to help you search for them a lot quicker." He opened his robe and brought out a Necklace with a purple and gold interlocking metal yin and yang style. "This necklace is like the teleport stone only you can use it to teleport to certain individuals. I don't know If it will work though cause it only teleports to those of the flesh." He stepped closer to Fidget and put the necklace on her. She looked at it and well the string attaching it to her was a little bit big for her. Sereth smiled and took the string and tightened so it was smaller for her. "So all you have to do to make it work is think of the individual that you want to teleport to and it should take you there." She nodded and said.

"Thank you." Sereth patted her head and said.

"Don't worry about it you just find him now." He turned around but then remembered one last thing. However before he could turn back the sound of static rung out through the woods and in a flash of light Fidget was gone. He had neglected to tell her that first time users will often get a random location and teleport someplace else within the vicinity of fifty or so miles of the target. Well he couldn't really tell her now since she was gone. So Sereth continued on his way.

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Princess Luna was headed towards her room. It had been Several minutes since she gave her speech to the guards and Shining Armor. And even though she can stand the test of time, she needed her sleep. As she reached the doors to her room where two of her Royal Night guard stood, she wondered whether or not this was all kinda being blown out of proportion. As she trotted closer to her room one of her two guards opened the door to let her in. Once in they closed the door behind her. She wanted with every fiber of her being to just plop down on her bed and fall right to sleep. Before she could however White electricity was forming into a sphere just above her bed. She posed to ready for any form of attack, however when the sphere of white lightning suddenly disappeared and a orange weasel with bat like wings fell from the air onto her bed unconscious. Princess Luna warily looked at the creature that lied motionless on her bed. It was the cutest thing she had ever seen.

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yay cuddly little nimbat!

Not bad for a first-time crossover. :heart: Loving the story so far, but I would suggest introducing the "Trouble":raritywink: sooner rather than later... or at least a hint. :moustache:

Looking forward to longer chapters and a great story :yay:

Ah poor little Fidget. Always getting herself into trouble. Great story by the way. Please don't let it shrivel and die before it has had a chance to bloom.

Can't wait to see the next chapter:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

I have just finished watching the game on youtube, and there were alot of things in the game the supreised me. I just thought I should express my feeling a little. Also one of five swords? Squel anyone?:pinkiehappy: There are also simple no words to describe how awsome and beatuful game it was (I've always wanted to say "there are no words the decribe...":raritywink:) Anyways I hope a update will come out soon, a great story so far. Also if your having some reader's block try asking the writers group, just be warned, you'll get a TON of notifecations if you join the group. Best of luck.

Writer's block......

EPIC FAIL!!!!!:facehoof:

2789779 Sequel you say. Dual Wield:rainbowhuh:? Also I agree, the story is amazing :pinkiehappy:

2913220 It seems that the updates are going to take a while. So here' a few story's ( not mine) To pass the time: Singularty A BIG crosover, Subject Delta a big Daddy in Equestria, A Trusted friend In Science And Ponies a sequle to a protle 2 crossover, Pegazo Vampir Equinae, Vampony story enough said, Dragon Quest Quest for Harmony spyro Crossover, A new Doorway, bioshock Infinet crossover, Intensive Core Friendship, Portle 2 crossover, and Jumpy Headcrap.

2925877 OH DEAR CELESTIA I FORGOT. :facehoof: I have to go and find a spyro and cinder shipfic now...

2926000 dargon Quest Does have spyro mention Mating with cyinder......... not a fan of shipings:pinkiesick:

3119876 teh arthour? I think

she back
figget: did ya miss me

Laying on Luna's bed is a cute little nimbat... Luna, think this over with your rational side.:twilightoops:

3126477 Dest: En Ilishan tell
Starring Figget, Dest, and arar, with guest stars, Gyus, Srth, the Moobluds, Gungur.

3604024 I just put this in the game crossovers group in the action/adventure folder

Beat this game in 1 session of 11:16:32. I almost cried In the bopo cut scene, and cried at the end of the game. And basked in the ever loving badassery of the game. Turtle beaches X42 man. Turtle beaches X42 man.:pinkiesad2::pinkiehappy: Was also level 35 at the end. Only 2 side-quests remaining.:pinkiehappy::pinkiesad2:

4371052 I beat the game at level 31 but did not do side quests or too many of them but discovered most of them. also the final boss is hard it took me going to casual to conserve health items for the final part that i did on normal.

3126477 Cortana: Hey! Thats my line!!

4374005 I did it on normal with 2 revival stones, one buffalo burger, and one of them grilled thingies. It took me like 2 tries though. And dat ending tho...

4379545 Yea it was good, can't wait for his next project and eventual sequel also the cut scene before was bad ass.
watch 2:24-3:16 warning spoilers


4380807 Yeah, the ending gave off so much sequel vibes as well as me crying.:pinkiehappy:

4380965 I was on the verge, but I like how I became attached to the characters. Also I like putting poison Ivy in that snobs cloths:rainbowlaugh:

4381302 I did paragon the first time through, and i'm doing renegade now.

Lo be this story hope it updates soon

4420566 dangit I hate my iPhone I meant I love this story it very well done


Right, after reading the first chapter and second, I think you need to have a rework of both of them. Chapter 1 mainly because of the formatting such as forgetting to space after commas and inconsistent paragraph spacing. On another note, you have a massive plot hole which your second chapter contradicts your first.

The plot hole is where Dust would forget who he was and what would be his purpose but yet in the second chapter, he clearly remembers who and what he is and his purpose there. The impact of us preparing to see him lose his memories was completely lost to us because of that glaring plot hole.

4374005 Final boss was easyer than the second to me and i beat the game on the hard

4494373 Dust is in my top 5 best games of all time! The game had such an emotionally driven plot when it came to the final battle, and i really love how it takes place after that.... :fluttercry: The death of General Gauis and Dust made me shed manly tears.

I haven't read this yet, but will Fidget be in this story?

I'm going to watch that.

6440225 This gives me incredibly high hopes that you haven't given up on it.

new chapter?

Nine days 'till this his the 3 years mark for no updates..... This is super dead isn't it? :fluttercry:

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