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My Little Elysian Tail - Stoneificaunt

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It had well been half an hour since the initial shock wave that engulfed all of Equestria then the whole of the world itself. In that time Princess Celestia and Luna had Mobilized their forces. For the neighboring kingdoms began a inevitable mobilization of their own forces. They didn't know what was going on and received reports from the outlying Equestrian borders of forces outside their own borders. In that time the Princesses were worrying about the town of Ponyville for it was close to the source of where the Shock wave had began.

Within the barracks of the royal Equestrian Guard, Captain Shining Armor had mobilized a platoon to receive orders from one of the monarchs themselves. Then came in Princess Luna herself with their orders along with Spitfire, Captain of the Wonderbolts slightly behind the Royal Alicorn. When she came in, the whole battalion stood at attention. Then Shining Armor addressed The Princess.

"Princess, We are ready to receive your orders!" Luna nodded and Spitfire moved right next to Captain Shining Armor. Then Princess Luna began her Speech.

"Royal Guards, you have all been assigned for this mission. As of thirty minutes ago a shock wave has engulfed the whole world. We do not know thy purpose it has or whether it is the start of an invasion. We only know that it has originated from the Everfree Forest near the town of Ponyville." Some of the guards gulped at the mention of the Everfree Forest.

"Now we know the forest itself is magical but I fear somepony or something is using their own magic to tamper with the forest itself. You all are to go to Ponyville and protect it from whatever may be in the forest, NOW AT EASE."

After her speech she went to go address Shining Armor and Spitfire.

"Now I hope thee can figure out what caused thy shock wave and protect the Elements of Harmony Prince." Luna turned around and proceeded outside of the Barracks. Spitfire then made wise cracks to Shining Armor when Luna left the room completely.

"So what do you think it is that made these shock waves, Evil mages, Aliens, Ancient Artifacts, a God of Destruction maybe?" Shining Armor just rolled his eyes and answered.

"Don't you have some stunt show that you need to prepare the BlunderBolts for." Spitfire laughed and hit him in the shoulder.

"Good one but seriously though any idea's."

"Your guess is as good as mine, whatever it is though better not hurt my little sister Twily though."

With that he trotted off to some guards that were talking. Spitfire just smirked and happily trotted after him. When they both reached the group of guards they overheard their conversation.

"I'm telling you forest is alive and it's going to try and destroy Equestria."Some of the guards nodded with agreement then another guard would say his hypothesis.

"I hear a zebra from Zebrica might be using their magic to control the forest."

"ALIENS MAN ALIENS!" one said while having his two hooves in front of him.

"NO its the legend of the singing Devil!"A lot of the fellow guards looked at him like he was crazy.

After a moments silence they began again talking about whatever might be in the forest. Shining Armor had just about enough of their Babbling of what might be and what might not be, then he yelled!

"ATTENTION!" After his shout all the guard quickly went into formation and paid all of their attention to their Captain of their unit.

"That's better, now we all don't know what will be facing but as the royal guard we must heed the call when a threat rises. Now I kn." Spitfire quickly shoved Shining Armor to the side to say something.

"Shining Shining Shining, now i'ma let you finish but I have something to say." With that she cleared her throat and continued the speech.

"Now we all don't know what we might face but you all have your hunches." Most of the guards simply nodded their heads in agreement."So we are going to have a bet, grab a piece of paper and write down one of your hunches on it. The bet will be one thousand bits to the winner, DISMISSED!" with that the guards began to flock to a table where a Piece of paper and a quill were. Shining wasn't very pleased with Spitfire's outburst and the bet she had made with the guards.

"You know you are just encouraging them to go even crazier don't you."

"Yea but I could win an easy Thousand Bits. And what about you are you not going to participate in this game of chance?"

"um, NO I wont be dragged into this bet." With that he left the room. Spitfire just nodded her head with annoyance, Then went to go collect the paper with names of whatever they might encounter.

The list was a lot of things unethical, she began to mentally read each one.

Evil Deity, ALIENS, Singing Devil, Knight, Evil Mask, Werepony, Vampony, DISCORDS RETURN, A new Alicorn, Changlings, Dragonborn, HUMANS, Necromancer's, Space Marines, Experiment gone horribly wrong, The Crow, Wraiths.

Spitfire just sighed and folded the piece of paper and put it into her pocket.

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(A/n new scene change thing a majigy.)

In Ponyville Twilight Sparkle and her friends had all gathered in the library, they had sent a letter to Princess Celestia asking if they knew what the shock wave was. And were now waiting for her reply and instruction on what to do.

"Sugahcube I dont think yah panikin will help us in the long run, calm down already!" Twilight just turned to her friend Applejack with even more worry.

"How can I calm down when a magic crisis is on our hands." She then started hyperventilating. Fluttershy floated over and started patting Twilight on the back.

"It's OK Twi just breath." She started breathing."Now was that hard your just overreacting, everything will be just fi." She was interrupted by Spike burping out green fire that formed into a scroll.

"The letter is here." He said with enthusiasm.

"Quick Spike give me the letter." He held out his hand that had the letter for Twilight to take. She used her magic to levitate the scroll over and began to read out loud.

Dear Twilight Sparkle.

As you may have seen a shock wave has engulfed all of Equestria and even farther. It's origin came from the Everfree Forest. I have sent Captain Shining Armor, your brother along with Captain Spitfire to investigate the situation. I want you all to wait for them to arrive. You and your friends can join them but I wish for you all to be careful. We do not know what has caused this phenomenon, but we hope to find out. I must end this letter now for I must consult with my generals about the other Kingdoms Mobilization of forces

From Princess Celestia.

"My brother is coming?" Twilight questioned to no one in particular.

"See Twi everything is gonna be hunky dory." Piped Pinkie Pie.

"Ah don't recall I reckon we should take care though." Warned Applejack.

"Wait I just realized something girls." Twilight Turned to face them all."Zecora lives in the Everfree Forest where the shock wave originated from."

"WE got to go see if she is OK." Rainbow Dash said quickly and was prepared to fly on over to Zecora's hut, But Applejack stopped her by grabbing her tail with her teeth. Rainbow Dash quickly hit the ground as Applejack pulled her back down.

"WOhoho there Dash I agree we should check on Zecora, but ah reckon she can take care of herself. Now I reckon we should do as the Princess sais and wait for Twi's brother."They all pondered on her words and reluctantly agreed that they should all wait for Shining Armor and Spitfire to arrive.

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End of Chapter