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Hi I'm stone I basically have abandoned this account and will most likely never continue the stories I have written. If by chance I do continue them then go ahead and read them.


Sapphire Shores is the pony of pop, the hipster of the century and a pretty swell Pony when you get to know her. However she has a secret. Only a few ponies know of this secret. But otherwise no one knows of this secret. For this secret that would put her career in shambles, would also name her as the biggest fraud in Equestria.

Got this idea one day while browsing the really really dead line of Sapphire shores fanfics. Basically Sapphire Shores has a magical Ipod that contains every single song minus Pony songs from our world. She then rewrites them and voila has a new song for the pony public.
I am not the owner of well mlp Note no actual song rewriting will be used and it is a crossover with all the songs from our world.

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interesting, using music from our world and ponifying it. While this is usually done in some fics to compensate for a lack of audio, I've never read of a fic where this was the main focus. I can really see SS taking the more pop and modern music while vinyl would take the more dub/techno music (such as titanium and such). Hope to see more soon, keep goin and stay golden^^

So what, she uses human songs for her fans. At least she has the voice for it.

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