• Published 2nd Jun 2013
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Sapphire Shores Secret - Stoneificaunt

Sapphire Shores has a secret. A secret so scandoulous she must be very careful to keep it safe.

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Only Mare (In the world)

"Mare in the world.."

As Sapphire Shores finished the last words to her song the crowd went wild with cheers. She smirked at yet another successful end to a concert. She waved to the crowds getting them even more riled up and even louder with their cheers. She continued waving to them until she made her way back stage. Once back stage she was quickly led by several security ponies to her dressing room. The reason for the escort was because crafty unicorn fans would teleport backstage just so they could meet her in Pony. This time however it was a smooth escort and she went in to her dressing room while the security ponies stayed out front of her door to keep it secure. Once in a team of ponies quickly swooped to her and gently grabbed her and set her upon a chair that was in front of a mirror with a counter below it.

"Sapphzire you didz well for zis concert." Sapphire knew who that voice was and as the chair was turned around for her to see who it was a smile could be seen on her face. The pony before her was Photo Finish The Germaneigh fashion photographer and best model finder in the world. "I take zat everything has been goingz very well/"

"Yea it's going alright I was able to really knock their socks off." Photo Finish raised an eyebrow at this but put it past her.

"You know you need to ztart being more careful. You used more zan zhree zongs from zat blasted zecret." As the team of Ponies worked on removing some of Sapphire Shores stage outfit she shook her head at Photo Finish.

"Listen girl I know how to be careful I've been doing this for years. Ain't no way I'm gonna get in trouble now." Photo couldn't believe what she was hearing.

"Zat iz the problem. You are coming up with almozt no new material. Instead you are using thoze blasted songs from zat thing." Sapphire was now getting annoyed with her. and simply rolled her eyes as more of the team of Ponies started finishing up on her outfit.

"Photo only two other ponies know of it and they aren't going to be telling anyone anytime soon." She was now putting on her regular outfit. That she wears out in public.

"That maybe true but the only reazon one of them doesn't tell is because zhe has the knowledge on how to power it also she takez some of the more garish zongs on it. I ztill don't trust her roommate." Photo said while stomping the floor once.

"You mean Octavia? Mare me and her go way back. She wouldn't dare betray the pony who helped her start out her musical career. You have nothing to worry about." She finished, and was about to leave the room but Photo stopped her.

"I juzt want you to be more careful eversinze we found that thing you have been taking more and more riskz." Sapphire Shores put on a smile and said to her friend.

"Don't worry Photo I can take care of anything that comes my way. So whats the rest of my agenda before the weekend?" She asked changing the subject. Photo Finish whistled for one of her assistants and one zipped in holding a list of things to do.

"Letz see here, you have a meeting with that Awful Dezigner Rarity tomorrow." Sapphire put on a sour face for what her friend said.

"Mare why you dissin her she aint done nothing to you." Photo merely humphed and said.

"Zhe is competition, competition zat is getting more and more famous as weekz go by." Sapphire merely laughed at her friends misfortune.

"Goodbye Photo." She made for the door again but again she was stopped.

"You forgot thiz." Photo Finish said while presenting a eighteen by twelve inch chest. Sapphire took a look at it and went over to get it but Photo kept it out of her reach till she said her final words. "Pleaze try to not copy any from it and actually make a song."

"I will Photo." Finish relinquished the chest to her and Sapphire said goodbye one more time. When she left the room she was escorted by the same Security ponies from before. They made their way through the building and were headed to a parking lot filled with fans and carriages. The security ponies were immediate with their action when they made it out of the building. They held off any fans wanting autographs while leading her to her carriage. They were successful and she was now in her carriage with tinted windows so you couldn't see into it. Once she sat down she opened the chest and a White rectangular with curved ends device was in it. Along with a white cord that branched off to two headphones. Before she could use her hoof to put a headphone into each ear her attention was caught by the two other Mares in her carriage.
One was the infamous Dj-Pon3 or Vinyl Scratch, and the other was Octavia Philharmonica.

"Hey Sapph how ya doin?" Vinyl asked enthusiastically. Sapphire closed the chest and brought her attention to her two friends.

"I'm doing good Vinyl, how about you Octavia?" Octavia simply had a straight face and said.

"I am fine." Sapphire kept on a forced smiled face.

"That's good, so what do you all want to talk about?"

"Well I'm here to see if you want a recharge and to remind you that next weekend is my turn to borrow it." Vinyl said with mixed serious and laid backness.

"Thanks but I think I'm good till it's your time to have it. So how about you Octavia is there any thing you want to talk about?" She was silent till she sighed and said.

"You already know what I want." This caused Sapphire Shores to sigh and simply shake her head.

"I"m sorry, but you know this thing is simply too good to give up." Octavia narrowed her eyes on her.

"You know you can still get away from this just destroy it or at least get rid of it."

"Octavia this device was a gift, a gift that we can use to give ponies entertainment. Sure it might not be right but as long as they don't know. it won't hurt them." Octavia merely shook her head to Sapphire Shores answer. Try as she might she could not get her mentor figure to listen to her.

"I hope you can at least be more careful." Was all she said as the carriage stopped. Both Vinyl and Octavia got out. and left Sapphire Shores alone. She opened the chest and the same device was still there she used her hoof to grab a headphone and put one in each of her ears. She then pressed a button that looked like a triangle and music began to play.

"Rihana, girl you know how to sing it." Was all she said. And she listened to her sing all the way home.

Author's Note:

Only girl in the world belongs to The Island Def Jam Music Group, and Rihana.

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interesting, using music from our world and ponifying it. While this is usually done in some fics to compensate for a lack of audio, I've never read of a fic where this was the main focus. I can really see SS taking the more pop and modern music while vinyl would take the more dub/techno music (such as titanium and such). Hope to see more soon, keep goin and stay golden^^

So what, she uses human songs for her fans. At least she has the voice for it.

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