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This story is a sequel to Enforcing Change

Sweetie Drops or as many now know Bon-Bon was a monster hunter of some kind.

These are some of those tales.

And a little more.

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A Filly Anon in Anthro Equestria and things go horribly wrong.

More specifically they are a "normal" pony, and despite somehow understanding what others were saying others couldn't understand him or rather her.

Also she has allergies.

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Why are there no anthro pony Anon?

I mean really I haven't seen a single story with this premise.

The unknown potential.

Also does anyone remember that saddle with a harness around the muzzle of the ponykin that was in the Carousel Boutique.

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This story is a sequel to Enforcing Change

We know what happened to Sunstone but what as her life like.

When I had initially written Sunstone I had thought nothing of it but as I was finishing Enforcing Change I realized I wanted to write more about her.

So I decided to write a side story.

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When are protagonist wakes up in Equestria as a Ponyta in Equestria he was able to accept it but, unfortunately he can't speak and is now pretty much a wild animal.

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Inspired by "Accepting Change" written by drFraud.

There are many stores out there about Celestia being some genius schemer but what if the true schemer was Nightlight and he was a changeling and a human.

By pretending to have a special power to explain his knowledge he manipulates everyone around him.

Will those close to him forgive him for the acts he commits in their name, will the good out weigh the bad, and will he change the future.

Evil Protagonist

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