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In the grim future of Equestria, there is only WAR.

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Published it ages ago. Ended up removing it from FimFic while I rework the entirety of it. For some reason, the number was left behind. I'm magic, I guess.

Your profile says you have one story. It doesn't appear to have been published.



Ah! Another great science joke! Twilight would approve. :twilightsmile:

Oh, and I'm not really offended, especially since I've been making similar comments myself for the past two years. :rainbowlaugh:


I don't check every day, but I try for once every 48 hours. That being said, I missed yours, as I have not read it yet. Also, with 117/1 rating, not sure how you are taking offense to my blog.

Also, love that classic joke. Ever hear the one about oxygen and magnesium hooking up together? I was like, OMg.

Oh, and the joke:

Two atoms are sharing a drink in a bar. The first atom says to the second atom: "Hey, I think think I just lost an electron."
The second atom says: "Are you sure?"
The first atom responds: "Yep! I'm positive!"


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