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Rainbow Dash. Element of Loyalty, savior of Equestria, and finally a Wonderbolt.

But, after she overhears something she wasn't supposed to, she begins having second thoughts about her childhood dream. Soon, a rather shady organization notices her, and they immediately express their interest...

But nothing is ever as it seems.

Dark emotions can corrupt, and leave you in a Nightmare of envy. Darkness is everlasting, and will always be here. But, sometimes the Darkness is shrouded in a coat of Light and good intentions. Could the Shadowbolts really be Rainbow's Saving Grace?

This story is the brainchild of Little_Draco, and I am making it a reality.

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The Bearers of the Elements of Harmony failed to stop Sombra in time from getting into the Crystal Empire and acquiring the Crystal Heart. Now the Crystal Empire is ruled over by a tyrannical unicorn, that will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

Equestria is on the brink of war, and the only ones who can stop the evil king of the Crystal Empire, are six mares. Those six mares are the Element Bearers, but can they use the elements while one of their own is missing and in fact within their enemy's grasp?
This story is a pickup from Pat_Hoof_5000, with his generous permission of course. I aim to finish what he started.

Collab with the awesome pony known as LightningBass94

That Romance tag isn't there for the reason you probably think it is.
Also, this story was added into groups that it no longer fits into. It was added to these groups by the previous author.

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Twilight takes justice into her own hooves, and enacts it on the enemies whom never really payed a price for their actions.

Tirek is in Tartarus, and Twilight has a certain power of his.

She must gain power to carry out this task. When she does, her enemies will know her wrath. But, is this really justice? Will the young Princess stop at her enemies, or will her rage run much deeper?

Rated Teen for Violence and light gore.

Featured on June 20th!

Chapters (2)

Rainbow Dash would always be there for Twilight, even when her other friends are not. Something is not right in Ponyville. Since her coronation as an Alicorn Princess, Twilight has been blamed for things she clearly didn't do, and everypony but Rainbow, Scootaloo, and Spike have disowned her. However, this is not just an emotional struggle. With the Elements in disarray, all of Equestria is in danger as an old enemy returns...

Contains: TwiDash, Scootadopt, Gore, Violence

Thanks to Surry, LightningBass94, and twidashforever. Without them, this story wouldn't have been possible.

Partially inspired by the story The Truth in Meanings by Twidashforever

Chapters (19)
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