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Alex Warlorn

Just your average Brony who happened upon an idea that might actually turn out to be clever enough for guys to love.


Rainbow Dash's choice of words go over the line in front of the Cutie Mark Crusaders at the Carousel Boutique. Applejack and Rarity are ready to pay her back.

MLPFiM Copyright Hasbro

Trace provided by Vanille Cream. http://vanillecream.deviantart.com/art/Rainbow-Dash-Trace2-262795850

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Well, the Nightmare Forces kidnapped Rarity, they broke her, and then were going to possess her right? What if Rarity absorbed them instead? She's still a powerful Nightmare, she looks even more beautiful than she did as a flesh and blood pony, and she just wants to give gifts, spread generosity, and help Equestria's ponies. But first she needs to convince everypony she's not just pretending to be Rarity and isn't evil incarnate. She's convinced Spike . . . now how does she convince the rest of the world?

The Benevolent Reign Of Queen Nightmare Rarity
STORY BY Alex Warlorn and trooper924
Inspired by and SUBVERSION of the Nightmare Arc of the My Little Pony comics.
And fanart by Hellbeholder, used with permission. http://hellbeholder.deviantart.com/art/Nightmare-Rarity-and-her-Spike-404955331

This started out as a simple RP in the comments section inspired by the art seen here.

This story has ZILCH to do with the Pony POV Series universe.

MLP FiM Copyright Hasbro

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My Little Pony Pony Friendship Is Magic
Suri Polomare
By Alex Warlorn

Suri faces the horrors of being 'deleted' now that she's serve her function as a one-off antagonist is now just taking up disc space.

With BIG help from Kendell2 (this is NOT related to the Pony POV Series IN ANY WAY WHAT SO EVER! So Kendell2 was willing to help with this one BECAUSE it was not part of the Pony POV Series).

2014 06 12 Image by Ichiban Gravity. http://ichibangravity.deviantart.com/art/TFW-444876256

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Trixie magically showed off her bad luck at trying to do a show following her humiliation in Ponyville, and it wasn't pretty. But why do some of those ponies we see in those scenes look familiar? Bon Bon remembers. But had to happen, had to happen, right?

Art by Navitaserussirus used with permission. http://navitaserussirus.deviantart.com/art/Page-117-421261410

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FANFIC READING BY DR. WOLF https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LNGGIruwlHw

Five of the Mane Six wake up one day, and find the world has changed completely, and has become alien and wrong from the world they've known their whole lives, and why is their friend Twilight acting so guilty?

Each of them tell their stories of how they earned their destiny, and when their destiny seems to suddenly turn on them. Fate is what you make it.

My Little Pony Season 3 Finale (and originally planned as the series finale). Magical Mystery Cure.

This is not part of the pony pov series. I wrote in my own personal response to seeing the finale.

Kendell2 helped me with this. He is NOT however involving himself with the Pony POV Series! He's still my friend and willing to help me with other stuff. But NOT with the Pony POV Series!

MLP FIM: Copyright hasbro.

Image by Empyu http://empyu.deviantart.com/art/Embrace-Your-New-Destiny-362711465

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Howdy hoo! The seven season of the pony pov series is here at last! (Was waiting for the cover art to be done).

And . . . it's the royal wedding Princess Cadence and Shining Armor!!!

Seen this a million times before right? Except . . . not. While there have been many experiences to the ponies now their timeline has broken away from the Heart World, something is VERY WRONG here. With fate no longer totally on their side, and no true certainly and against an enemy that takes 'fighting dirty' to a whole new level, can the heroes still pull off a happy ending for everypony?

Cover art by Rose-Laxzi. http://rose-laxzi.deviantart.com/

The Audio adaption Is here:
ORIGINAL fan-art, ORIGINAL fan-music and VOICE ACTORS galore await!

And check out the trope page, please help keep it up to day please! Remember, you are awesome.

Recursive fanart and fan stories are here. http://alexwarlorn.deviantart.com/journal/MLP-FiM-Pony-POV-Series-Fanworks-audio-adaption-274110361 Many are rubber stamped by me as optional canon stories that reveal some of other sides of these stories.
Tropes page found here. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/FanFic/PonyPOVSeries
Fan Labor Pages here http://mlpfanart.wikia.com/wiki/My_Little_Pony_Fan_Labor_Wiki:Workshop/Pony_POV_Series_Season_Zero:_Discorded_Ponies and here. http://mlpfanart.wikia.com/wiki/My_Little_Pony_Fan_Labor_Wiki:Workshop/Pony_POV_Series_Season_One:_Reharmonization

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Derpy was never meant to be important. She was always meant to be remain in the background. But slowly, she became more important. Appeared more often.

But what happens when the powers that be decide you're 'politically incorrect' or 'offensive?' What does it feel like to be censored?

Sequel to Stick To Foaluma as requested by Kendell2.

Cover Art by Kendell2

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Today is just another day for Silver Spoon. Yes just another day. Just another day. Just another day. There is no need to think. There is no need to question. Everything is normal. Everything is as it should be. Her purpose is to be Diamond Tiara's friend. The purpose of Diamond Tiara is to tease the blank flanks. Their purpose to always fail. It is their function. The Status Quo demands it.

"Status Quo Is God." No matter what the characters might think, oh right, it would be against the rules if they did that.

This has nothing to do with my Pony POV Series or any of my other words.

Fanart by Kendell2.http://kendell2.deviantart.com/art/Stick-to-the-Foaluma-Cover-Art-386208713

Now we have a sequel by Kendell2's request! Retcolt!

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Pinkie Pie invites you to join her for an outrageous show. Canon and logic go out the window as we proudly present Pinkie's Fourth Wall Breaking Variety Show! Take a break from the main story and enjoy off the wall antics, bizarre moments, and innumerable guest appearances! But most importantly, don't forget to have fun!

Just For Fun, no canon here. Enjoy!

This was originally posted on deviantart, with the system that allowed users to be deleted when a story was edited. And as such users were able to submit segments and scenes for the show. These were posted between episodes as breathers and to explore interactions between characters who could never logically meet in story.

The ponies here basically follow the Da Rules! of the Pony POV Series-verse. But ultimately, everything here is intended as fun and games and AS A RULE, follows a consistent INTERNAL-canon and events and scenes follow the fundamental rules of cause and effect. But ultimately, everything here is for fun.

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Set between season 5 and season 6 (and at the same time between 6 and 7!) of the Pony POV Series. Learn the truth of the connection between all of the generations of the My Little Pony cartoon. Twilight is struggling with what she's learned of the past, and what Pinkie Pie remembers but she doesn't, Princess Luna then arrives with a journal eons old once held by Bonbon's ancient ancestor, that has had MANY additions made to it over the centuries. What is contains within it is seven stories of seven ponies who witnessed the world change for better and worse, and all found the courage to face tomorrow. And Twilight and Pinkie discover shocking and amazing connections among ponies they know they'd never even dreamed of!

Crossover with G1, My Little Pony Tales, G3, and G4.

Cover art by Wolfram and Hart http://wolfram-and-hart.deviantart.com/art/For-alexwarlorn-Pony-POV-Cover-Art-363383902

Check out the recruiting for the audio adaption! This is independent of the audio adaption of the main series and REALLY needs your contribution. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jmqhaytFQKs

Recursive works and official fanworks for the Pony POV Series for 2012 found here.

Recursive works and official fanworks for the Pony POV Series for 2013 found here. http://alexwarlorn.deviantart.com/art/MLP-FiM-PonyPOVSeriesFanworks-audio-adaption-2013-349281264

Tropes page found here. The character and recap pages GREATLY appreciate your contribution! http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/FanFic/PonyPOVSeries

Fan labor page for season 0, here.

Fan labor page for season 1, here

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