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Alex Warlorn

Just your average Brony who happened upon an idea that might actually turn out to be clever enough for guys to love.


A final explosion of drabbles, most written in the span of 24 hours, written by request. This is my swan song for my creative works. I hope you manage to enjoy them all. Most are comedies, some are emotional, some are a little profound. All involve the ponies we'e come to know and love.

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This story is a sequel to Diamond Tiara versus the Changeling Invasion

With her dying breath, Queen Chrysalis turned Twilight Sparkle into a changeling queen. And Twilight was instinctively forced to turn all of Ponyville into her changeling drones. Well, at least they can all pretend everything is normal long enough for Twilight to explain to Princess Celestia the whole thing in a controlled, civilized manners so they aren't all attacked by the royal guard on sight, right?

Takes place before the end of season 3.

Written by BrutalityInc and Alex Warlorn and Ardashir.

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This story is a sequel to Conversion Merpony

"Hi! I used to be human! But now I'm not! The world as we knew it is coming to an end! But I still gotta provide for my family! Same as any other working man! Do what you're good at, and be proud of what'cha do!"


MLP FiM: Copyright Hasbro

Proof read, Docontra, Frozen-Dupliss, Quantum-Plasma-Field

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This story is a sequel to TCB: Conversion Cat

So what if the Conversion Bureau offered more than just, Earth, Pegasus, Unicorn? What kind of people would choose what? What if you could go under the sparkling sea? Here is an interview of one New Foal and her life choices.

Part of the Open Source Setting, "Not Just Ponies".

Try it out and please enjoy.
Edited by Docontra and quantum-plasma-field.

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This story is a sequel to Pony POV Series Season Six: Dark World/Shining Armor


A look into the parallel events of The Mean Six, in the Dark World timeline...

The Mean Six, creations of Chrysalis: their fate across the timelines is always the same, they are born, are inversions of Twilight and her teammates, and in less than day they die, and their lives are of no consequence of the greater scheme of things, like they might as well having never lived at all...

First chapter written by me.
Second chapter written by Kendell2.

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See the early days of Wallflower Blush, what made her who she is, what drove her to such drastic action, and why Sunset Shimmer of all the people who ignored her. See Sunset Shimmer's horror in her own words as the chain of memories with her friends has been broken. There is more to this than meets the eye.

Don't forget our trope page.

Cover by by rodan00

Edited by Wolfram-And-Heart
Fridge Logic Hunt by Quantum-Plasma-Field
Grammar Check By Docontra

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Shadow Tempest's real name is that of a pony from a previous generation, before this world existed. She isn't aware she had another name all the way back to the days of Dream Valley, the chain of her reincarnations shaped her in ways she doesn't remember.

Part of the Pony POV Series verse! http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/FanFic/PonyPOVSeries

Vector by by EJLightning007arts. https://ejlightning007arts.deviantart.com/art/Tempest-Shadow-Vector-702374180

Story commission by Godzillawolf, edited by me. https://www.fimfiction.net/user/32141/Godzillawolf

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This is a trio of short stories featuring Discord and Celestia's extended and adopted families.

The first is in some ways ironic, the second is wistful, and the last is just silly.

The first story contains spoilers for the Dark World season of pony pov.
The second story containers spoilers for the Rumors Arc of the Finale season AND Dark World Season.
And the third story holds spoilers for Celestia's Origin season.

Which should give you a good idea of where to place them in the narrative.

All of these stories are to be considered optional canon, and not to be taken completely seriously. This is just to give you some extra insight into Discord and Celestia's families in the Pony POV Universe. Please enjoy.

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Cover source, by lolke12. https://lolke12.deviantart.com/art/Discord-286350289

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Gather around little pony, there is a spine tingling tale inspired directly by The Colour Out of Space by HP Lovecraft, a meteor lands in Ponyville, except none can agree what it looks like, and soon that isn't all that can't agree on. Do you have the guts to read this dive into the unknown and the incomprehensible? Anything can be taken too far, that includes uniqueness!

Cover art by V-K-D https://v-d-k.deviantart.com/art/Derpys-final-showdown-296651442

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This story is a sequel to Conversion Negotiations

Equestria isn't the only kingdom on Equus, when worlds collide, all leaders need to be called in to decide how to handle the wild magic spilling into Earth... after all... why should ponies be the only option available? This is gonna be a long night.

Vector by ZuTheSkunk https://www.deviantart.com/art/No-This-Is-Celestia-323009093

Note, this story is COMPLETE, it is a whole story, just a bit of fun and game, but indeed a complete whole story.

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