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Chapter 13

"How efficiently inefficient of you." - Typoglyphic


"To those who are foolish enough to wander the Everfree, know this: A blackened heart will find you hanging from it's canopy. But, to those who wander with a pure heart, remember: Follow the crow's death song. To those who know not where their heart lie's, a warning: Beware the Everfree. Beware The Hanging Tree."

– Spade, the Wise, ealdorman of Heartville in Equestria, 512 PLR.

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This story is a sequel to Eyes in the Abyss

"Redemption in a long way gone. Not a road found, but earned."

Once, she was a powerful queen. Feared by all, loved by none. Refined through years of violence and bloodshed, she had become one of the few beings in history to have challenged the royal sisters and survive. Empires had fallen before her. Ages had come and passed without touching her regal beauty. She had been magnificent.

Chrysalis was no longer that queen.

Now, she bowed and scraped before pony commoners by day, and endured the moon princess' torture by night. Such is her burden. Such was the price of weakness. But the nightmares only grow worse, and in time she came to suspect that they were something much more sinister than Equestrian punishment.

With the princess Luna's help, she finally turns to face the demons that have pursued her for so long.

A Silent Canterlot awaits...

Written by: Chapter: 13.
Edited by: Airy Words and Typoglyphic.
Assisted by: Scarheart.

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"I was not a fool to dream... I was a fool to believe it would lead me to paradise."

A tale of two dreamers: a dream reached, and a dream lost. One will learn that dreams aren't always what they imagined. The other, that a dream unreached may not be a dream lost.

Assisted by: Rumble, Typoglyphic.

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This is where my writing goes to die...

Inspired by: Short Scraps and Explosions

A collection of stories I either didn't finish, didn't like, got bored of, or were too short to publish on their own. Each chapter/story may or may not be edited... or finished. All 'stories' are free use and up for grabs. Feel free to use them, abuse them, finish them, or whatever else you can think of.

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A tired ex-marine tries to return to life beyond the battlefield.

A scared pony tries to find a way home.

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An unofficial sequel to A Mothers Love Never Dies

As repentance for their actions, the entirety of the Changeling race now lay dead in an inhospitable badland, their flame finally snuffed out.

Or, so Celestia would have her nation believe.

My submission into ocalhoun's writing contest. Got first place in Least Down and Best Description.

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This story is a sequel to Eyes in the Illusion

"There is no good nor evil, there is only power and those too weak to seek it," J.K. Rowling

When one faces death, one sometimes questions the actions taken in the past. In a state of delirium, one such individual lay within a frozen cave, aware her mortal end. As she awaits the inevitable, her past returns to haunt her in feverish nightmares.

Assisted by: Scarheart!

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“Because an illusion is an illusion. Reality always exists despite the facade." - Kasie West

On this particular day, in this particular time, a stain braves the winds of the Equestrian North. Despite her impending death, she stands strong. That is, until the facade breaks...

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