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Chapter 13

"How efficiently inefficient of you." - Typoglyphic


The Hanging Tree · 5:41am August 6th

I'm working on it, again. Had a hint of nostalgia and had to try and pick it back up again. Maybe, I'll have something out. In time. What time? Who knows. But I have an outline. I have a plan. It's my last passion project before I moved on. The one thing that I held onto for the longest time. It was an idea I had before anything else I created on this site. I feel like I should finish it.

Beware the Everfree. Beware the Hanging Tree.

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New Story: The Hanging Tree · 1:14pm Mar 12th, 2020

Back again with a new story. This one is going to be... not too long, but not too short. Filled with mystery and lore. It takes place in modern equestria, but contains quite a bit about the equestria of old, and the steps taken to create the 'peaceful' world we see today.

Beware the Everfree. Beware The Hanging Tree.

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Poem: Follow me into The Abyss. · 2:43pm May 2nd, 2016

There is a place, beyond the realm of comprehension. A place of dreams and nightmares—where anything and everything happens at once.

Can you see it?

I've visited this realm. I did not feel fear or joy; emotions were irrelevant. Everything was irrelevant. Darkness merged with the light; good and evil melded into an area of neutrality.

Can you feel it?

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Symphony Of The Damned - Short · 10:00pm Apr 25th, 2016

To those who don't know, I co-author a story called, Symphony of the Damned. This is a little tidbit that I wrote that didn't quite make the cut. It's semi-cannon, and can be taken however you choose. It's just something I wrote that I didn't want to completely scrap. Anyways, unless you've read the story, this won't really make any sense.

I hope you enjoy, and 'til next time!

~ Chapter: 13

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I am horrible, aren't I? · 2:16pm Apr 6th, 2016

I really think I should split.

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Come so far... · 1:19pm Jan 15th, 2016

What started out as a little idea in my head, has now grown far larger then I could have ever guessed! I mean, I knew I could write a lot about it, but the idea that I could follow something through to, well, 70k amazes me, especially how I have managed to keep my chapter word count around 4k! To think, when I started I could barely write a 1k chapter, now I can easily pull together 3k, and even go as long as 6k! Word count isn't everything, but its still impressive in my eyes that I can

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Life of a Writer · 7:28pm Mar 17th, 2015

Don't you hate it when you spend several hours writing over 7,000 words of a story, just to realize that it's all crap?

~ Chapter: 13

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Cleaning out my drive! · 5:30am Jul 4th, 2014

Well, I decided to finally go threw the random crap I've written, and see if anyone here likes it. Feel free to continue or do anything with these idea's/stories. All I ask for is credit. Also, tell me what you think of them. Enjoy!

~ Chapter: 13

By the Light
By: Michael A
Chapter 1: Lost, alone, forgotten

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Story Shout-out! · 4:33am Dec 10th, 2013

[Romance] [Sad] [Slice-Of-Life]
Rated: [Teen]

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Story Shoutout · 9:20pm Nov 28th, 2013

A Party for Pies
[Sad] [Dark] [Tragedy] [Alternate-Universe]
Rated: [Teen]

No cover image ;(

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