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What's that smell? Is it blood?!... No, it's a Snickers bar... But what is inside?


Life is full of surprises. That is a known fact. However, you always expect some kind of minor surprise, like your train arriving a little too late, or your ice-cream having vanilla taste rather than strawberry. But sometimes, life will give you surprises you could never predict. For Fluttershy, it was three little foals. But not her own foals, or even orphans. Three little foals that used to be her and her friends' most fearsome and dreaded foes.

Sombra, Chrysalis and Nightmare Moon.

Will Fluttershy's nerves survive this onslaught of misadventures? Will she keep the three villains hidden? Will she even become friends with them? Why do I sound like a narrator to a bad criminal drama? Don't think or try to answer those questions, just go ahead and read!

Edited by: MessoriaAQ, Cerulean Voice, Gidget_TheGear, Twilight Fashion

Cover art by amazing Missangest!

Cover art got featured on Drawfriend in EqD!
The story itself got proudly rejected by EqD!

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Rumble hates Hearts and Hooves day. It's the most boring holiday ever, and does not deserve even a bit of the recognition and attention it gets. Why would you even like it? All you do is hang the paper cut outs (in form of hearts) everywhere and listen to boring lectures at school about the importance of love. How dull!

However, Rumble's opinion of this holiday is about to be turned upside down. For you see, he has never had a marefriend before, never even thought about getting one. He doesn't even consider dating. But he is about to experience just how difficult it can be when you try it yourself — and not just with anypony, no.

His (un)fortunate marefriend is none other than the princess.

100% approved by Celestia's Library!

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It's easy to hate a pony you don't know. The pony, whose name became the very definition of fear. The pony, who slaughtered thousands, if not millions. It's easy to hate what you don't know.

Sombra's life is shrouded in mystery. The long list of his crimes is known to everypony, but his real biography is unknown. Fight back your fear, and delve into the story of his life, from birth to imprisonment. Find out his every secret, feel his pain, his hatred, his love and his pride.

See how an innocent child was shaped to become the Eternal Weeper, the Bloody Emperor, the Demon King. See, how he earned these names, and why he walked the path he walked.

This story will contain gore, sensual scenes, disturbing ideas, mental disorders and very weird relationships.

Edited and proofread by: MessoriaAQ and Written Out
Note: This is a rewritten version! It's much higher quality than the beta version.
Cover art by: BillieW

Featured in Fiction Illumination on 18.11.2013. Big thanks to Cerulean Voice for featuring it!


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For the majority of her life, Fluttershy travelled through Equestria. Being a monster hunter is not exactly the most easiest thing in the world - she remembers at least twenty times when she could have died. Blood and death are quite often in the path she walks - but it is her job, and she is the best at her job.
Not long ago, she received a letter from Mayor Mare, offering her another contract - this time, she has to travel to Ponyville, and deal with their problems. With the arsenal of deadly weaponry, the cold professionalism in her heart and, of course, the famous wide-brimmed hat, she heads out to Ponyville.

Edited by: MessoriaAQ.

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