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What's that smell? Is it blood?!... No, it's a Snickers bar... But what is inside?


The rumours of my death... · 8:33pm Apr 12th, 2015

...were never there, actually. At least, I didn't notice any.

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New Year Zelebrationz · 4:57pm Dec 31st, 2014

Dear friends, sweeties, cuties, lovelies and yummies. I am proud to announce that we have successfully managed to enter the New Year without suffering a zombie epidemic, an alien invasion or return of Discord.

I am also happy to say that we have snow outside, for a change. It sucked to meet the New Year without snow. It was boring. And sad.

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Some sad news · 10:07pm Sep 19th, 2014

I've got some unfortunate news for all those who are following Light Grows Dim. Yeah, writer block.

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We did it! · 5:56am Aug 21st, 2014

I.... I don't know how to feel, actually. I thought Saga would never get accepted, with grammar flaws and its rather peculiar story line. But it happened!

I'd like to thank everybody who had followed this story and was actually interested in its development. Huge thanks to Messoria, my editor and idea guy, who never fails to keep me on my toes about my writing.

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THIS IS... Rhodos. · 1:37pm Jul 3rd, 2014

Howdy, ladies and gentlecolts! Guess what, I'm finally back to Motherland, with a newest update ready to go up once my editors are done with it!

Besides MLV, I've got something reaaaaally special for people who are fans of one of my particular masterpieces. A reaaaaaaally special surprise. But it's a secret! Don't tell anyone!

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Πετάξει στον ουρανό · 5:49pm Jun 20th, 2014

I'll be leaving my beloved country for some time, going away for holidays to Greece. But worry not - I'm taking my lappy with me, where I'll keep working on the next MLV chapter, which will contain something bretty gewd, and something you will not expect!

Till the next update, battlebrothers(sisters)!

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Light Grows Dim · 12:00am Jun 2nd, 2014

Finally, it is released. It is also my tenth story on this site! Hooray for celebration and give it a read.

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It's time to get dark · 8:36pm May 7th, 2014

After the release of My Little Villains, it has been rather light and soft around me, wasn't it?

That's about to change. And Scootaloo will help me with that. She will never disappoint me. But in case she does...

Let's just say, she won't be having a good time.

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Your humble's author birthday · 9:07pm May 6th, 2014

Yes! I was born on the 7th of May. Who would have thought? Other than that, nothing of note has happened.

Yeah, just wanted to inform you. That's all.

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My Little Villains: Q&A · 9:22pm May 1st, 2014

Hello there, foals and fillies, stallions and mares, alicorns and draconequus...es.

So, here's Q&A for My Little Villains! Hooray!

Here, you can ask any question regarding this piece of writing - be it about the plot, the characters and so on. You also can ask a certain character a question, if you so desire. However, there is one rule:

If the question requires spoilers to be dropped, that question will be left unanswered, for obvious reasons.

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