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Please for the love of God Pinkie Pie writers... · 3:42am Apr 27th, 2014

People who write fanfiction and include Pinkie in it, please take some advice from me. Forced laughter and jokes are horrible, cheap gags are only funny if you're simple minded, if you laugh at whoopee cushions then sure it'll be funny. But like the class clown gets scowls, it gets old eventually, and when a teacher unexpectedly falls out of a chair it's hilarious. Don't plan them, don't set them up and make them predictable, like a good jump scare a joke is most effective when it's least

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1671799 Oh, I haven't read it yet, I just put it there so I know when it updates~ :P

Much thanks for adding Oh Captain, My Captain! to your favorites! Follow me also! Btw the new chapters are out! :twilightsmile:

I love how ur vsing me in rpg logic read meh new comment on comet burst golden armore teh get witty comeback

Thanks for the Favorite on Reaper Mare. If you haven't already, I encourage you to rate and comment.

1136968 I actually would love to see the author's work, he's got uh... Quite the way with words... Yeah, let's go with that. It's really too bad he got rid of it all.

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