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Flippy Flopper

I write almost solely M/F and F/F vanilla sex. So if that's what you're looking for, congratulations: you found it.


I've been tryin', I swear! · 3:50am Apr 5th, 2017

I can write pretty much anything else, but for some reason when it comes to clop I can't put down a single word. I want to edit and revise some bits of Unfathomable Goddess and finish chapter 2, and I want to write the sequel to Smooth As Butter but every time I get going I stop midway through and realize that it's garbage. I might end up with the next Shift installment first, despite my heart lying with creating the world of Unfathomable Goddess.

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2351062 Depending on who I'm incesting, and I'm willing to try something new, so gimme whatcha got.
Unless it's M/M. I forgot to mention that earlier too. Personally, I'm not into that.

2350927 Do you mind incest and anthro?

2350860 Kinda sorta. I'll make it, but it'll be a while before I have a finished product due to real life and whatever mood I'm in. It also depends on what you want, because I'm pretty much solely into vanilla and romance.

Do you take story request?

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