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There is so much music in the Brony fandom, but I'm really bad at finding it.
I bet everyone would love to see what you've heard that we haven't!

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Comment posted by Elusive Phoenix deleted Mar 30th, 2014

354850 Oh...my...God...

354775 That war will not be won by us, sadly. People don't have the mental capacity.

354525 There's always a war to win.

354496 Sometimes, you want to hit back.

304855 Colios, yos. I'll add some stuff in a bit.

304778 Just add any cool Brony music via comment! (Since groups only allow the posting of stories in folders:ajbemused:)

I have a playlist on my iPod filled to the freaking BRIM with brony music. My bro Moony, even more so.

So, what be goin' down in this group?

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