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The best MLP YTP Out There

Starting off with the best one ever made!


Celestia and here favorite thing... · 3:18pm Jul 12th, 2013

I edited a poem to better incorporate Celestia's favorite object... The dick

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The Best Story On Fimfiction

The Fragments of Ass
by Lalaz4

Literally THE most well written and insane story on the site. If you happen to come to my page then please don't leave without at least reading the description of this amazing fuckfest!

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~Guess who's back~

Why aren't you faggots reading this goddamn story. Fucking niggers.

If you fags want to read it on this site you can by going here: The Fragments of Ass
If you want to read it on FanFiction.net then you can here: The Fragments of Ass

  • Viewing 57 - 61 of 61
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